What Happened to Aussie Halo Players

So I live in Australia and for the past two days I’ve been searching all of the ranked playlists and couldn’t find a game. I tried searching in social skirmish and couldn’t find a game. The only playlist where I could find players was the shotty snipers playlist. I keep getting try searching in another playlist there isn’t enough players. This is such a sad state of affairs I have never not been able to find matches in any Halo game before.

I mostly search on expanded.

do you search already on expanded? If so, then I’m afraid there’s not much you can do. Team Skirmish and wz seems to be still somewhat well populated

Another Aussie player here. I find games on BTB, Team Skirmish and Team Arena but ONLY on expanded (hardly on balanced) on 10AM to 5PM (AEST). Keep in mind that the time you’re playing is also a factor to finding players.

If there’s nothing on your end, then unfortunately I can’t help you right now and is more of a population issue.

I use expanded and it works perfectly but if that does not work, it might be your internet.

I can only find matches using expanded, which means you get matched with players outside of Aus, therefore putting us at a ping disadvantage. Approximately, the ping ranges from 150-300 as a rough estimate based on my game play experience using expanded for almsot 6 months now, due to being unable to find balanced search matches in Aus, as the search gets a timeout message.

Therefore, it is a population issue, not internet related.

Face it, we’re a small crowd hahaha. I always find games on expanded quite quickly, mac 2 minutes. Never had issues with swat, slayer, team arena, skirmish, shotty snipes, orang of the war zones. I never try balanced or restricted, but last time i tried, about few months ago, i could still find games though took a while

Damn I genuinely feel bad for you guys. I’m an American but I used to really enjoy playing with Aussie/Kiwi players in previous Halos. It’s a shame that it’s gotten to the point where population is such an issue over there :frowning:

Playing on expanded gives me good connection and matches on popular game modes, sucks to see the population is dying though ;-;

Well, I pretty much quit.

Matchmaking has always been inconsistent and random disconnections aren’t my idea of fun.

I occasionally had trouble finding Warzone matches as early as 3 months after launch, so there’s that too.

With the prevalence of “always online” games these days, it’s a lot harder to just enjoy gaming. Australia has always had a crappy network infrastructure, but it’s these modern games that really hilight the issue for me.

I’m 25mbps down and 5mbps up and the inconsistency is still ridiculous. I would chalk a lot of this up to how network intensive the Xbox Live service is, what with individual feeds from friends and followers and a constant stream of media from screen captures and the like, but I’m no network wiz, so that’s just a theory.

Either way, games like Destiny and now even Halo are a lot less playable for me than the good old days of Halo 3 and Reach and that’s when I had even worse internet.

I’m only still hanging around the forums because I love this franchise and I want to see it turn around and really embrace it’s heritage.

I can only find balanced games on featured, social playlists when searching at specific times. Other that expanded works all of the time but the matches are so laggy that I refuse to play on it. Expanded has caused kds lower than I’ve ever had. I have a theory and it has to do with expanded. I think that most Aussies are just impatient and search on expanded. Meaning that they find games with Americans and not other Aussies causing other Aussies not to be able to find matches on balanced. This is then exasperated by people like me that would rather wait for a good connection game to have to play on expanded (which I finally refuse to do now) because everyone else is finding Americans. Which is then even worse because now everyone is searching expanded. If you haven’t guessed I’m Aussie.

What happened to us Aussies??? We are trying to find a match is what we are doing mate.

Population is dead dude, only way to find other Aussies is to play featured playlists or wait like an hour for Social Skirmish/Firefight

The Australian population isn’t looking really good at the moment. 343 when Halo 6 launches needs to have dedicated servers in place to widen the future population of Halo, otherwise in Australia it will continue to remain dead.

343i and Microsofts utter disregard for anyone outside of North America happened. Why would people keep playing with awful servers?

In Spain depends on the time to be able to find match in balanced, many players have left halo by the connection