What happened to a ton of topics a couple of days ago?

I remember a couple of days ago when I came on and all I could see was tons of threads saying that we don’t know what we want in Halo 4 so don’t listen to the community.

Now I see you all squabbling that they haven’t listened to you all… HYPOCRITES!

I grew up with Halo and have embraced all of its changes with each game. Halo 4 will be no different. I will enjoy it all the same.

Now community make your mind up! Do you want to be listened to or not!? If I was a member of 343, I wouldn’t have a clue about if you guys wanted to be listened to because you are all too damn confusing.

Walks out and slams door

Comes back

And another thing. Community, you used to be cool. It was fun to be a part of. But seeing you all now in this Krogan-like rage, has made me ashamed to be a member. Good Day!

Slams door again

Gameinformer happened. Actually, i have no idea if that is still going on or if it was confirmed to be fake. But something happened to unite the Halo community under a banner of indignant fury.

That’s the point. People don’t even know what they’re arguing over anymore. Just arguing for the sake of arguing.

Gameinformer is true, very true and has pissed off everybody.