What Happend to the Spartan 1.1's

For those who don’t know the Spartan 1.1’s were the offspring of the SPARTAN-I candidates (orion).

They only appeard in the I love bees audio series. A handful of them we’re planning on taking on the covenant as a small vigilante group during the events on halo 2. How ever the covenant invaded earth first and it is unknown what happend to them next.

They were known to be stronger then humans but not as a SPARTAN-II OR SPARTAN-III.

So what happend to the S1.1’s it’s possible they could of joined the SPARTAN-IV program since they we’re already enhanced. Janissary James wanted to join the UNSC but was rejected for being one year too young.

They are currently in the unique position of having dubious canon status, with 343I almost pretending that they don’t exist. I’m certain they’re currently on a beach somewhere sipping Mai Tais with Nicole-458 and Spartan-1337, who still will not shut up about how great of a Mama he is.