What happen to weapon tiers? and voice?

So there has always been 3 tiers of weapons, Short-range=starting weapons, medium/long range weapons = pickups and power weapons= pickups.
Weapons used to mean something! They were placed on the maps and you had to figure out the map layout and weapon layouts. You know why bungie did this in the first place? PACING! If every one starts with a BR your getting shot at almost right away when you spawn! PACING is what bungie understood! Its what made halo great in the first place.

The first week of halo 5 beta it was great because it felt like it was back! You had to move around the map and pick up weapons once again, something that has been missing
for a while now. You started out with a tier 1 weapon and had to pick up the tier 2 and 3 weapons. That is how halo was meant to be played from the start of all that is halo!

But now you’v gone back to this MGL type style where Tier 1 weapons mean nothing. If you keep your battle rifle you can win the game, so you don’t even have to move from your spot.

Whats the point in even having a nice map to walk around in when a single team can just stay on one side? Whats the point in placing tier 1 weapons down if no ones going to even pick them up?

You know what 343 just git rid of all the weapons except for, battle rifle, sword, sniper, rockets… Because that is all anyone is going to use with these weapon starts!

First weak was perfect! We had to run around the maps picking up weapons!

Now we don’t! Really awesome work?

Also where is proxy voice!?! Geez! Really are we that pathetic as gamers now we can’t have good old trash talk? Allot of people have only been asking to have it brought back since halo 2!!
Halo 2 made it so simple if you wanted it off you could turn it off in the options and if you wanted it on it was on as default settings!!
and with muting being so easy to do these days, WHY NOT ADD THIS!? What happen to this idea of couch gaming? On the sofa gaming? The feeling of being next to the people your playing against? Like they are in the same room as you! And if people don’t like it just turn it off in the options. But to never have this simple feature in halo every again.
AND before some idiot says well I don’t wanna hear kids… MUTE YOU BIG IDIOT, ITS NOT THAT HARD!, Or I don’t wanna listen to others and will just mute all anyway so whats the point? TURN OFF THIS FEATURE IN THE OPTIONS! You only have to change the settings once just like you would when your changing your controller settings to default to bumper jumper. ITS NOT HARD!

Proxy voice chat should be in halo, its what made halo 2 so great, fun and memorable!!

One more thing GET RID OF VOTING SYSTEM, god that’s another thing that made halo so great in the past. It was like Christmas every time you turned on matchmaking. You didn’t know if you where going to get that really ugly sweater or that kick -Yoink- toy you wanted so badly. It was a surprise every time.

Plus if you think about it voting is unbalanced. Because the team that has a entire team of friends has a better chance of winning than the other team with randoms and if that’s not bad enough, the team that is full of friends now has the map they want to play on. So they have 2 advantages. Plus it makes people only get good at the maps they like only and that kinda sucks. Shouldn’t we get to know and get good at all the maps not just the ones we like? Just saying. Its a little lame when you get a map LIKE lockout all day because its every ones favorite map just about.

Anyway I guess this turned into a little rant, whatever. I just want a good halo again. Other than all that I like the rest of halo halo 5 so far. I think the new spartan abilities are fun. And the maps feel halo for the most part.

If your going to keep up with this MLG trend of battle rifle starts just please be honest and take the rest of the guns out. And just have battle rifles and power weapons. There is no point in making weapons for the game if no ones going to use them. And just make one map with nothing in the middle but a power weapon in the center because no ones going to move around the map when they only need 2 weapons. Its just a waste of resources.