What happen to Urban Assault?

Why hasn’t anything been said about the map being removed?

It was mentioned on reddit a while back due to exploits

Wow, back to just 3 maps! Do better 343! This should have been mentioned in-game, let me know when it’s coming back or something

I didn’t even notice it was gone. Any word on when it’ll be back?

Thank God it’s gone. It was so stupidly easy to spawn kill in that map if you’re defense. Same exact thing for Stormbreak, though…

343 had to do some damage control since the spawns were broken causing some serious amounts of spawnkilling. The other WZA maps are a bit broken too since there’s that armory exploit that still hasn’t been fixed.

I can’t believe they haven’t fixed the defenders vehicles spawning inside the fortress on summit yet. That’s the only thing any of the matchmaking that I notice makes games unpleasant for me. There are work arounds to almost every other problem.

Stormbreak is such a bad stagnant map. Hope they remove that, too.

It’s gone to be with Orion. RIP.

I really don’t like the regular warzone maps. Except for Battle of Noctus. However the other 3, its so easy to get spawn trapped and the armory to be taken over. Have the whole entire team rush in with power weapons. Done. And guess what they do next, just sit outside of your home base and camp all day. And the maps that does that the most is Escape From Arc and March on Stormbreak, why because there is no second way out of the home base, unlike Raid on Apex 7. Even if there is a second way out, its easy to hold down if you are inside that area or you are just camping there at the Spire. So ridiculous.

Pulled for repairs, probably to never actually be seen again.