what happen to the assault carbine?

is it still in the game, or was it removed? and if its still in the game, is there gameplay of it? because all the gameplay i have seen so far is just the BR.

It was renamed the ‘storm rifle’. Here’s some images.

Assault Carbine=Storm Rifle

It’s now called the Storm Rifle.

Well, I guess I don’t have to say that it is the Storm Rifle…

What everyone else said. Personally, I thought Assault Carbine was a better name than Storm Rifle, but I guess they didn’t want it getting confused with the Covenant Carbine.

ok guys relax. i did not know it was remained storm rifle. one answer will do.

Three users gave you one answer, it just so happened they did so at the same time, it happens a lot on forums. So you relax and you’re welcome by the way.

Amazing how many people I’ve seen ask this question.