What Halo really really really needs

What Halo needs is a separate Flood game type. And the Flood should not be player controlled. You should be able to play in a game type that is strictly for flood survival mode.

I know call of duty has their little zombie aspect that has to save their game.
I’m not saying the flood one would have to be like COD zombies, but I will use it as a clear example of what it does to a game.

When you play any kind of zombie inspired game, you keep playing for the thrill of being with other people fending off these things. Even in the other Halo’s with flood in the game it was really fun to play.

These player matchmaking games called ‘infection’ are not really fun at all, its too repetitive.
We need a flood game type where you can fight through endless amount of swarms of these things. Who the hell wouldn’t want to play that? Why wouldn’t it be bad -Yoink- to have a base and defend yourself against them? It would be sick as hell.


Halo 4 needs to stop rewarding no life players.
I want my skill to be shown, not how much I don’t play. people are like lvl 80 already on their Spartans. It really does nothing to do that.

We need real number ranks or something like what halo reach had with medals.

This new thing is boring as hell, I don’t care about the armor I have.
I care about how my skill is shown.

Nothing about this game is difficult at all.
It’s too easy and gets boring real quick.
We need more competitiveness.