What Halo Infinite really is

The sole intention of this game is selling battle passes. The automatic weapons overpowered and have ridiculous range. This game is made to allow players at any skill level to stay competitive because more players means more battle pass sales. Skill weapons like the BR are almost pointless because you don’t get an advantage for being better at the game. “Return to classic Halo”… They must have forgotten that the pistol was useful back then. The battle pass grind speaks for itself. Anyone who has spent money on this is a fool. Splitgate is more like a Halo game than this garbage.


I agree with the predatory tactics being overwhelming but Im sorry to tell you that about the automatics and all of that, you’re just bad and dont know how to strafe.


I think you missed the point about skill weapons vs automatic weapons. The BR takes more skill and has a slower TTK than an AR. Getting kills isn’t an issue for me. You’re just bad and are exactly the kind of player they cater to.

The BR is a peek shot weapon without bloom, you want to know what a new game with only precision weapons meta looks like? Play Destiny 2, hand cannons are the top that dominate and play somewhat like the BR

So you agree that the game is intended to force people to use automatic unlike the classic
Halo games where in H1 the pistol beat the AR if used with skill and H2/3 where the BR did the same?

No, Ive won more duels and encounters with the BR than the AR and Commando combined, its still great but now automatics are viable. The one thing the BR has over all other precision and mid range weapon rn is consistency, which for Halo is a top category for any weapon that has it, specially with even the sniper having some bloom.

Then you are playing against the horrible players I mentioned. The AR has a faster kill time. If you’re not really far away with the BR, the AR wins unless the person with the AR is just spraying and praying. If that’s what you like then I’m happy for you. I wanted skill based multiplayer which doesn’t encourage inclusion to sell battle passes.

Mmmmm I feel like this is a case of not getting enough time just yet on the game. The faster ttk makes sense as even the Sidekick has an even faster one. The big difference is how the bloom and tracking are actually playing against the AR, if one jumps while shooting a BR, the amount of shots lost normally drops the ttk to 2.1 or a bit more from testing with my friends, add to this the lack of range after the mid spot, with the peeking nature of the BR and they are easy picking. On the side of the comando, its made so the bloom becomes horizontak instead of vertical after a few bullets, making it so that although in an ideal situation you can get the shield down, holding the trigger wont get you the headshot.

Id say play a bit more, combine BR and AR, BR and sidekick, Disruptor and sidekick, just to try it a bit more.

I don’t have an issue with the commando. I use it like a DMR even though it’s full auto. I’ve played it plenty and tried them. Pulsing the AR is too overpowered. My original point is that the game is intended to be easy, not skill based. In my opinion, there should be a risk/reward for using skill weapons like it used to be. If you couldn’t get headshots with the original pistol or BR you lose the fight, but being skilled with precision weapons meant you would win. If the AR had half the range and had a TTK between shots 4 and 5 for the BR it would be balanced for skill, but again that’s not their intention.

Well, we’ll have to see how the game progresses, all I can say is that I like the BR and AR as they are rn, its what it should be, the AR being the reliable close to mid range weapon with the BR being a reliable mid to long range weapon.

Id say we should play a bit more, perhaps its more of us being used to a certain sandbox for so long that it feels unfair when roles are changed, as the BR previously dominated everything, which damaged the overall sandbox, at least on my opinion.

At this point I’ll probably just get the achievements go back to MCC.

Bravo guys. You two are way better at having a sensible internet conversation than I am.

I’m not here to demean anyone other than the developers for their greedy intentions. I just call it like I see it.

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Something else that should be considered is the consequences of the otherwise. In the case if the balanced instead did lean in favour towards precision weapons,I would view the consequences as far more detremental due to removing reasons to use automatic weapons. This is due to the reasoning that precision weapons do usually have a bit longer effective range and this advantage should be balanced appropriately in order to not makes these weapons the most viable option in shorter ranges and this can most easily be done by reducing the damage output and making an inversed correlation between effective range and time to kill.

Something else that is interesting to consider is that precision weapons do still offer a high skill potential to instant kill unshielded targets with a headshot.

The incentive to using a skill weapon is the benefit of the faster kill if you’re good. There is almost no reason to use them now. The automatic weapons are easier to use and shouldn’t be more beneficial than a skilled weapon. The balance should lean towards the harder to use weapons. That would mean the better skilled player wins, not the ape who runs around with the trigger held down.

Okay, here’s the problem; your idea of “skill weapons” is so skewed. You realize how easy it is to land headshots with a BR? Even a sniper? Comparatively, getting consistent headshots with an AR is as difficult if not harder. The point of the long-range precision weapons it o be long-ranged, they should lose in a CQC battle, that’s what makes the AR useful. The BR still beats the AR if you actually use it intelligently and stay far away, out of the AR’s range. But if you run up into close quarters, where both weapons are in effective range, you’re on even ground. Right now it seems like everyone just wants it to win outright, which would be super boring.

You statement would be valid if the AR didn’t have the ridiculous range and TTK with body shots.

I’m basically only using the BR and am absolutely obliterating people. It just takes some getting used to. P. S. Ranked is BR starts only, so play that if you hate the AR and want “skill based game play”.

Hey so check Azolais video, I feel like you fooled yourself as the Body shot TTK of the AR rn is 1.65, which is higher then the BR optimal ttk so… yeah

But the headshot TTK of the AR is less than that… so why is that relevant? Of course the body shot TTK on the AR is worse than the headhsot TTK on the BR; you have to compare the body shot of both or the headshot of both.

Now personally, I don’'t think the AR needs to do less damage. I think the BR and AR should contend with each other at close range, with no real advantage. The problem is the AR has so much range, it’s very difficult to strategically use the BR to get the advantage of range with it, especially on small maps. And on big maps, you get melted constantly because if two people can see you, from almost anywhere, they can shoot you with the AR and it has almost no damage falloff. I think it needs much more spread so shooting from that far becomes ineffective.