What Halo Infinite needs

These are just some of my personal thoughts on what Halo Infinite could benefit from having.


  • User friendly UI (An easy to navigate UI and simple design can go a long way) - Traditional Sangheli design (Chief is back why not his equals?) - Traditional game mechanics (The slow paced walking of Halo is where it gets it’s charm) no more spartan abilities, newcomers to Halo need to experience where it started and going back on mechanics would be a good call, Reach added armour abilities which had a timer this was a well fitting game mechanic for Halo and excelled in MLG tournaments). - Soundtrack (Every time i boot the game i wanna feel something). - Characters (They need to be unique and remembered). - A resolute campaign ending.Multiplayer

  • No microtransactions! No packs! No luck! (Just our hard earned credits from our time spent on the game allow us to pick what we want). - Rank/level needs to be meaningful, there needs to be a reason for a rank as well as a uniqueness with them. (Halo Reach is a perfect example, your rank resembled the amount of hours you played as well as it being tied in with the in game credit system allowing you to “choose” what armour you want). - Revamped theatre since Halo Infinite is coming to PC being able to lower the speed to 0.10 would be a smart move and is a loved feature for most PC games. - Unique and smart armour customisation (Halo Reach gave 9 separate armour sections to customise this included the right and left shoulder this allowed for more personal customisation which really worked well. Armour in Halo doesn’t need variants with stripes or polka dots! the attachments you could get in Halo Reach were beyond perfect and Halo Infinite could gain a lot by adopting this as well as having armour that is unlocked through doing something unique or challenging why on earth did you put Helioskrill in the packs?). - Traditional lobby screen (This means gamertag, emblem, rank, service tag all we need for players). I haven’t heard of a halo player that dislikes the vote system so bring it back! - Less is more (This is mainly an issue with Halo 5 and the req system but armour doesn’t need variants and neither do the weapons). - Everything available on day 1! - Main gamemodes (4v4 Slayer, Swat, Snipers, Infection, FFA, Big team battle and Grifball). - Playable Elites - Simple file browser - Daily and weekly challenges (Just like Reach, gives you another reason and motive to play).Edit:

  • More symmetrical slayer maps that aren’t complex (Halo Reach MLG maps). - Weapon bloom and variety (The dmr in Halo reach set a reasonable skill gap and made the game more fun, with halo 4 and 5 the dmr and br’s consistency made duels between players too predictable and gives no chance for the person who got shot first to fight back resulting in either running away to recharge shield or lose outright. Also not all weapons need to be 100% accurate like a dmr). - No ADS (Halo 5 added this it didn’t work. Why can you aim with the melee weapons!?) - No personal Loadouts (All players need to start the same, who left these weapons all over the place?) - Power weapons need to feel powerful (Needler isn’t a power weapon) - Worthwhile Legendary ending. - Health system (Halo 1 and Reach) - No squad system (If i die playing solo i die not downed, bring back the challenge of legendary campaign). - Dual wielding - Original gravity hammer physics (In Halo Reach it was perfect you could use it to propel yourself and using it in Grifball took skill and familiarity with the weapon).

Only thing I don’t agree with is the Credit system. While I loved the customization Reach brought, I actually preferred the commendation system Halo 4 had, where you earned Armor permutations and Visors for completing them. Gave more of a sense of accomplishment instead of just accumulating game time like Reach.

  • A great campaign - Halo 3 unlock system - Halo Reach customization - Halo 3 gameplay with a slightly higher movement speed - Spartan Ops 2.0 - Halo Reach Firefight - AI in Forge - Playable Elites, Brutes, and Promethean soldiers - No loot boxes - Halo 3 ranking system - Halo CE mysterious feeling - FLOOD!! - Blood - Interactions with wildlife on the Halo ring

Multiplayer: Ability to choose a server/data center within your region that shows ping which is viewable during gameplay much like Titanfall 2 please…

  • Traditional Firefight (ODST and Reach) with both multiple and single player matchmaking experiences (Score Attack). - A rank system with a skill component and an amount played component (Halo 3). - A cleaner pre-game lobby, carnage report, service record, and better and more intuitive UI in general (Reach). - No more packs, no more random stuff! Tie armor and Warzone stuff to commendations, achievements, rank, and experience. - Higher commendations. - Less is more: Less similar armor and weapons. Give us meaningful and distinct customization options (Reach). - Return of Jeff Steitzer’s old voice overs for multiplayer, along with the inclusion of all spree medals. - The removal of either the BR or the DMR from the game. Choose one to keep along with the Magnum. Make the BR and Magnum excel in different situations (close or long range). - Magnum and Assault Rifle starts for most game types. - Bring back health packs. - Removal of Clamber, Spartan Charge, and Ground Pound. - Keep Sprint but with a meter that recharges over time (Reach) and keep Thruster. - Removal of ADS and return to traditional zoom for only scoped weapons. No headshot bonus for autos. - Basic game modes at launch (Oddball, Stockpile, CTF, Assault, Headhunter, KOH, Breakout (without shields), Race, Grifball, 4v4 and BTB Slayer. - Zombies mode similar to Reach and Halo 3 with Shotgun and Magnum. Give Alpha Zombies unlimited Sprint. No radar for survivors. - A working and effective Theater, File Share, and File Browser. - Carnage Report with top medals (without First Strike). - Intiutive and easy to pick up Forge mode for beginners. - More 117!!! - Return of the Flood and include them in Firefight. Removal of Promethean enemies (never liked them!) - Make Warzone enemies less bullet sponges and don’t put them in areas where vehicles can’t reach. - Bring back the blood!My hopes are ambitious. But if I can get at least a few of these suggestions I will be very happy!

Edit: Also playable Elites!

Nice list OP, I like a lot of what you are getting at!

  • In game movie maker - This may seem a bit far fetched but machinima has been a community thing for years now. how bout making it a full on feature or at least an app that you can choose to install along side the game. you can upload clips through theater mode (hopefully it works this time) or dvr clips and have multiple audio and video tracks along with tutorials that teach you how to make machinimas - emotes - emotes are kinda frowned upon but I personally like them, ads a new level of fun to the gameplay, kinda like the flaming helmet or the armor effects in Halo reach. also the emotes could double as premade animations for machinima. - please new and old fans: If the advanced movement doesn’t go away this time after all our complaints I think we should just accept it. but 343 should at least try to please everyone. Have 2 full sets of social and competitive playlists. One for classic gameplay and one for new gameplay. that way no one loses - new classic style armors: If 343 is going to make new armors for the customization then I wan’t brand new helmets and armors that look as if bungie designed them. once again please both fans. have new style and classic style armors - custom under suits: instead of 343 just removing the colored undersuits which could piss some new fans off i think 343 should just give us full control of how our spartan looks. we should change the color to be anything we want. even black under suits - battle damage customization: have a slider that increases and decreases the battle damaged look. Go from shiny and smooth to dented, grimy and scarred. even put some cracks on the visor - custom reticles. you know how you can customize the reticles for the scopes and holo sights in cod? how bout we do that for our weapons. we could make it so there is a different reticle per weapon as usual but you can individually customize each reticle. you can give the assault rifle the same reticle it had in Halo Combat Evolved. this could allow classic fans to give the game a look they prefer