What halo infinite did right (in my opinion)

Sprinting always seemed out of place for halo, but the sprint in infinite is actually really well balanced, it’s not too fast, and hence doesn’t wreck the pace of the games.

Headshot bonus:
This is actually from Halo 5, but 343 did an excellent job making the weapons useful in an organic way.

Just outright fantastic, it can be used to push enemies away, push the ground away from you, or push rockets away, what’s also fantastic, is that the repulsor is huge on the forearm of the spartan, meaning that anyone with rockets would have to think twice to shoot.

Sentinel Beam:
It’s just fantastic, I love that it became an anti-vehicle weapon too, and isn’t overpowered either.

Spartan design:
Everyone loved this, there’s very little else to say that hasn’t been said.

It’s just beautiful and atmospheric, just fantastic.

What do you guys think that Halo infinite did well?