What Halo 6 Needs / Halo 5 Did Wrong

Hello fellow waypointers!
So a while ago (about a month after Halo 5 released) I made a similar list. tinyurl.com/Dear343
However, now we have had the game for a few months and I have personally gone back to play H1-4, I’m re-doing this list.
A lot will be the same.
A lot will be different.
Side note: If anyone believes it’s “too early” to start working on Halo 6, it really isn’t.
Do we want a buggy mess like MCC? No
Do we want a good game, but lacking content like Halo 5? No.
So, here we go.

Story / Campaign
Halo 5’s story started off strong.
The first few missions seemed really engaging.
However, as the campaign continues, it just becomes stale.
343 need to make some better choices.
Also, I wouldn’t mind seeing some missions as Blue Team / Osiris…and some JUST Chief / Locke.
On the note of that, we need more Chief missions.
Halo 5 had “15” missions, only 12 were actual missions (excluding the ones that lasted for 2 seconds)
Out of this, 3 were Blue Team missions…we need more Chief.
There was too much focus on Locke…
Final note about campaign:
Character development…
Halo 5 lacked character development…
It even killed off Jul M’dama in 5 seconds when it took 50 missions to build up his character (Spartan Ops).
Why? We need more development and you shouldn’t kill off a well developed character in seconds…
(Unless he isn’t dead…inception tune)
Map design.
After playing through CE, 2, 3 and even 4…
There’s something I noticed I love about all these campaigns.
Being onboard UNSC / covenant / forerunner ships.
I loved this…
Being in space, on board a ship as there’s fighting going on all around.
PoA in CE
Cairo Station in 2
Even in Halo 3 with Rat’s Nest…
And Halo 4 with Dawn.
There’s no feel of being on a ship in Halo 5, and I miss that…

Social Playlists / Gametypes
We need them on launch.
To be fair, as of me writing this (before Infinity’s Armory) we only have BTB for social…(excluding warzone)
We had holiday social…why did we remove that?
On launch…we need social.
Have slayer, FFA, SWAT, Breakout and Team Arena for social and ranked…
Then have more things only in social…like BTB, devoted CTF and grifball.
Speaking of grifball, we need more gametypes on launch.
I understand that microsoft force games to release, but we need more gametypes.

I love forge.
I really do.
However, in Halo 5, forge was basicly completely re-done.
IMO, there should have been basic forge (like Halo Reach / 4) and advanced forge (Halo 5).
Also, it should be there on launch, along with pre-made buildings.
We need this on launch…

Playable Elites
Before you look down on this…
I mean for customs and forge, for machinimas.
This is why we need this.
Not for multiplayer, just for customs…at least.
We have more options for machinmas now! (With the controls)
And yet, still no elites.

The REQ System
Here’s the issue with it…
It works great…
IF you play warzone.
I think it works great for warzone…
But for those who just want armor or emblems…it isn’t great.
RNG and RNJesus are not good for those who only play arena.
Give us something like the beta, or Halo 4 where ranks allow us to get armor.
Not this RNG!
However, it is fine for warzone…

Achievement Unlocks
Congrats! You found all the skulls…have some gamerscore.
Going on from the REQ system, can we not have unlocks from achievements?
Maybe if you got every skull, you’d unlock Emile’s helmet from Reach (btw that would be really cool…)
Just give us something other than some gamescore!
Even a REQ pack would be nice.

Customization Issues
Why can’t we pick our own colors?
We pick one color, then a “style”.
What happened to: Primary, Secondary and Background
Also, why are all armor colors so…dull? Can’t we get some vibrant colors?

Warden Eternal
Get rid of him…
Or at least use him less.
Far less.
We fight him too often.
Way too often.
Must around 10 times in campaign?
(Don’t forget when you fight 3 of him!)
And after that?
You fight him on every warzone map…TWICE on Noctus.
Use him less…even Palmer is sick of him.

More “Actual” Maps
Yes, they take time to make.
However, there are too many forge maps…
Just too many.
They are cool, but there are too many of them.
I personally like remixes…but lots of people don’t.
Can we just have some more maps? :).

Firefight / Spartan Ops / PvE Warzone
So, there may soon be PvE warzone in Halo 5…
But we need one on launch for Halo 6.
Normal warzone is a mix of PvE and PvP.
Warzone assault is PvP (excluding the few marines)
Why is there no PvE?
12 players vs an onslaught of covenant and prometheans!?
That would be brilliant.
Please, add this to Halo 5 and / or 6.

Final thoughts:
Halo isn’t dead.
Yes, it has gone down since Halo 3.
But that isn’t cause of 343…
Bungie started the downhill slope with Reach.
Halo 5 isn’t perfect.
But neither was Halo 2.
It is commonly agreed that Halo 3 is Bungie’s best Halo game.
Maybe Halo 6 will be 343’s best Halo game.
Time will tell and we shall learn.

343, please. don’t ruin this series.

What are your thoughts.
See you on the battlefield spartans.

Campaign was slow sometimes and characters weren’t explained too well

Social plz

Forge on launch

Let me be an elite for customs

REQs are bad for non-warzoners

Warden is a -yoink-ing pain

More maps

Firefight / something similar

Halo isn’t dead yet…but easily could die.