What Halo 5 needs

Halo 5 matchmaking should have a Ranked Playlist and a Social Playlist.
It needs a ranking system and a motivating progression system for the casuals.
We need descope back, get rid of the Ordnance Drops, get rid of sprint and flinch.
We need small, symmetrical maps for the ranked playlist for ranked and social. Social can also have fun maps with vehicles and stuff. We can keep the loadout system as long as you are allowed to choose your primary weapon ( AR,BR,DMR), your secondary weapon ( pistol,maybe a new pistol), and maybe grenades ( frag, pulse,plasma). We dont need AAs, equipment is a lot better since you have to find it on the map. We can keep the perks as long as they dont take much influence on the gameplay. Perks like : faster reload, faster weapon switching, …
I would also like dynamics back, where you can nade power weapons, power ups… ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xtMnP8rpkkA )
That is my basic wishlist, I made this in 2 minutes and already designed a better multiplayer than 343i did with Halo 4.

Basically we need a real Halo game, with gameplay and MM structured like (successful)games of the past. I hope some elements of Reach and H4 are kept at least in 1-2 playlist for the minority who enjoy it.

I kept a Loadout Sytem with some perks.

In the video I have posted here it really addresses a lot of the absolute needs of Halo. Mr. Gobias6 and I had a very good discussion on Sprint, and I do want to change that in the video to having sprint completely removed.

I hope 343 sees this stuff and gives us what we want.

We all know that Halo 2 did great. It was and is the best selling Xbox game ever. Why? I think it’s because of all the new stuff that was in Halo 2. Let’s go over them, shall we?
New armor
New weapons (SMG, FRG, Gauss Cannon, etc.)
More rock-style soundtrack (only in this game)
Duel story
New characters (playable and unplayable)
New actions (Duel wield, boarding, target-locking)
New species (playable and unplayable)
Better graphics
Xbox Live

Halo has always TECHNICALLY had a new playable character (not counting Halo: CEA or Wars).
Halo: CE-Spartan II
Halo 2-Elite
Halo 3-Monitor
Halo: Reach-Spartan III
Halo 4-Spartan IV AND Flood
Next title-?

A new feature in the next title COULD be an ARIEL multiplayer map. Maybe 343 could remake the New Alexandria level except with less opening doors and elevators because, let’s face it, no one likes lag. Also, instead of including land vehicles in the Forge mode, add some non-detachable turrets (Chain Guns and Gauss Turrets as seen in ODST and on the backs of Hogs). In place of Mongooses, Transport Hornets (no rockets), in place of Warthog variants, Falcon variants, and in place of tanks, drop ships. There should still be the regular weapon spawns and detachable turrets. Finally, Flag/ball carriers should be able to ride in hornets, falcons, AND drop ships.