What Halo 5 needs in my opinion

Halo 5:
Storm rifle (added)
Plasma repeater (not added)
CE/blue plasma rifle (not added)
Brute plasma rifle (added)
Plasma pistol (added)
CE plasma pistol (not added)
Needler (added)
Needlerifle (not added)
Blood of Suban (added)
Spiker (not added)
Mauler (not added)
Bruteshot (not added)
Concussion rifle (not added)
Beam rifle (added)
H2 Focus rifle (added)
Carbine (added)
Energy sword (added)
Prophets bane (added)
Gravity hammer (added)
Tartarus gavel (added)
Fuel rod cannon (added)
Plasma caster (added)
Plasmalauncher (not added)
(All weapon added)
Assault rifle (added)
DMR (added)
SMG (added)
Sniper (added)
Nornfang (added)
Jun’s sniper (not added)
Magnum (added)
CE pistol (added)
Whispered truth (added)
ODST magnum (not added)
Sticky detonator (not added)
Hydra (added)
Target locator (not added)
Rocket launcher (added)
SPNKR rocket launcher (added)
Shotgun (added)
Oathsworn (added)
CE shotgun (not added)
Battle rifle (added)
H2 Battle rifle (added)
SAW (added)
Grenade launcher (not added)
Combat knife (added)
Ghost (added)
Ultra ghost (added)
Temple ghost (added
Banshee (added)
Ultra banshee (added)
Temple banshee (added)
Wraith (added)
Ultra wraith (added)
Temple wraith (added)
Spectre (not added)
Ultra spectre? (not added)
Temple spectre? (not added)
Chopper (not added)
Phaeton (added)
Warthog (added)
Gauss warthog (added)
Needler warthog (added)
Rally warthog (added)
Rocket warthog (added)
Four seated warthog (not added)
Mammoth (not added)
Mantis (added)
Hannibal mantis (added)
Cyclops (not added)
Falcon (not added)
Hornet (not added)
Wasp (added)
Slayer (added)
Free for all (added)
Team Arena (added)
Breakout (added)
CTF (not added)
Team Doubles (added)
Team snipers (not added)
SWAT (added)
Grifball (added)
Infection (added)
Safe haven (not added)
Oddball (not added)
BTB (added)
Invasion (not added)
Firefight (not added)
Classic slayer (not added)
Action sack (not added)
Fiesta (not added)
King of the hill (not added)
Warzone (added)
Warzone Assault (added)
Warzone Firefight (added)
Warzone Invasion? (not added)
Spartan Ops (not added)
Custom games:
Custom Firefight (not added)
Armor (too much armor added/less variants and more originals and legendaries)
EOD (not added)
CQB (not added)
Base (not added)
Hayabusa (not added)
Oceanic (not added)
Robot arm (not added)
Katana (not added)
Visors (too much added)
Emblems (added)
Assasinations (added)
Stance (added)
Playable Sangheili (not added)
Enough colours (added)
Firefight voice overs (not added)
Weapon skins (added)
Weapon loadouts (added)
More custom options like Reach had (not added)
Less weapon variants and more original weapons added.
More systematic REQ packs
like this: Armor REQ pack, Weapon REQ pack, Vehicle REQ pack, Spartan ID REQ pack.
Game mechanics:
Spartan abilities:
Sprint (added/change it to armor ability)
Ground pound (added)
Spartan charge (added)
Clamber (added)
Thruster (added)
Armor abilities:
Jet pack (not added)
Bubble shield (not added)
Sprint (not added/ needs to be added as a armor ability)
Promethean vision (not added)
Active camo (not added)
Armor lock (not added/ 3 seconds armor lock and long recharge time, because avoiding grenades and vehicles will be a little more easy)
Damage boost (added)
Speed boost (added)
Overshield boost (added)
Camo (added/ should be replaced as a armor ability)
Smart scope (added)
Classic scope (not added/ should be able to choose between these two scope options)
Old 25m radar (not added)
Dual weilding (not added)
Squad direction command (added)
Revive option (added/ but should be added to Firefight as well)
Sangheili/elites (added)
Jackals (added)
Grunts (added)
Grunt mech (added)
Hunters (added)
Brutes (not added)
Flood (not added)
Prometheans (added)
More missions like Halo CE and Halo 4 had.

Well, that’s a list…

Personally I think it would have been better to make a list just saying what you believe should be added and if applies, what should be removed. Having a list of the things that are already in is a bit tedious, sorry to say. But a lot of your choices I agree with so good list made.