What Halo 5 Forge MUST have right NOW!!

Hey 343,

The new Forge is great, it is getting more awesome and awesome with every patch, BUT, it is still not getting all that much praise that the Halo 3 and Halo Reach Forges were getting and that’s because of one simple thing, a working File Browser. Now, it is good that there is a file browser in Halowaypoint, but it’s not a good thing for say a guy who turns on the Xbox and wants to play Halo 5 Custom Maps and has to also turn on his computer to search for the Custom Maps and Games. There are many great Forge maps out there, but without a proper File Browser in the game, not many people can play those unique and excellent Forge maps.

Now, BDobbinsFTW has made a video about this and how Forge can, not only boost Halo 5 sales by a lot, but it can also give the Xbox One a big boost in terms of having an exclusive shooter that offers unlimited content for free (especially since the #1 criticism with recent shooters was the lack of content). You must check his video about this (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i5QkvP-5rwQ) so you can really see what I mean and while I myself am not really a big fan of him, his video has some excellent points regarding Halo 5’s Forge and while he was angry at you guys for the broken launch of Halo: MCC, he does like Halo 5 and definitely wants the game to reach its full potential (which in this case, it’s Forge, with the in game File Browser).

Quick side note: For the Free DLC Updates, I myself can’t wait for Memories of Reach and the other Free DLC Updates. The only thing I HIGHLY want you to do about this new DLC update is, make Infection PERMANENT, don’t make it be online for like a week or a month, no, make it permanent (just like Grifball), ok? Note: Also, suggestions for the next big playlists and gametypes for the remaining Free DLC Updates, I highly suggest Doubles to become permanent and Snipers, that would be awesome, and Multi Team would also be awesome permanent, and also maybe add King of the Hill. If you can’t do all those gametypes permanent in one update, then start with Doubles, then go for Multi Team, then go for Snipers and finally King of the Hill.

So, that is what I have to say, make Forge the best thing ever by simply adding the in game File Browser and take my suggestion on the remaining gametypes that should be permanent in the next Free DLC updates. I’ll be waiting.

  • Please, everyone stop with that darn Bdobbinsftw video… - I am confident 343i will make infection permanent.

Shmeh, I’m still waiting for the in-game file browser like Reach, yeah

> 2533274852660538;2:
> - Please, everyone stop with that darn Bdobbinsftw video…
> - I am confident 343i will make infection permanent.

Infection not being permanent is not the main issue that I focus on here, it’s a small reminder I wanted to tell them just to make sure that they don’t make it exclusive timed like they did with Assault and some other modes (thankfully Grifball is permanent). That’s one thing, now the other thing is, trust me, I also sometimes don’t like Bdobbins and I said in the post that I’m not really a huge fan of him, BUT, when it comes to his Destiny videos and the recent Halo 5 video (which is “Can Halo 5 Forge Save Xbox One and End the Content Crisis?”), he is actually right, I hate to admit it. Despite me not really agreeing too much on some of his other videos (ex: Is Battlefront EA better than Classic Battlefront 2), when it comes to Destiny (and also Halo 5, at least his recent Halo 5 videos), he is correct. Halo 5 Forge CAN actually reach its full potential and become the very best thing that the Xbox One and Halo can offer right now, especially with the lack of content criticism on recent AAA shooters (Destiny, Titanfall, Evolve, and of course, Star Wars Battlefront EA) happening a lot since 2014.