What Halo 4 Really Needs(PLEASE READ!)


Along with most of the Halo community, I also feel that Halo 4 is lacking in multiplayer. I know 343 isn’t done adding all gametypes to War games online. But here are some suggestion.

Flood Mode revisions

  • 343 said this was their replacement for infection. But this isn’t the case for most players. While flood mode is amazing and it gives players a thrill, it still lacks a lot to be the true halo infection we all know an love.
  1. Flood traits need to be customized more.
  • 343 tried to make infection for a matchmaking purpose. That’s why we only have the claw/sword, and shotguns. I’m personally fine with this for MM, but this won’t stand for custom games. Having a sword kills all the creative infection options people had for infection before. Now infection is just a survival gametype.
  1. If 343 can’t fix this, then flood should be turned into a survival gametype. and we should get classic infection back.
  • I really do like the flood look, but if I can’t change their traits, this isn’t the infection we all came to love over the 8 great years! And if 343 can’t fix the flood gametype, then it really should be a survival gametype. Picture this:
    Revised Flood mode
    Players have to gather enough equipment within 1 minute and run into the holdout area. After the one minute, the flood spawn in and try to overrun the humans and convert them. Through out the game, humans get to expand to different parts of the man until time runs out. ( This part is optional)- When the game is about to end, all the flood could get nuked or something. The gametype could just be modified and people could just forge maps for this. This will be fun because humans can spawn auto turrets.( It’s forgeable item)

So, if 343 can do any of theses things, people will love infection!

Flying vehicles DLC/to be added into future maps.

  • If you haven’t noticed, the only flying Multiplayer vehicle is the banshee. Honestly 343, I’m really disappointed. I know you may have been busy trying to finish up some maps or campaign, but flying vehicles was the best thing in Halo! Falcons were awesome in reach, and the hornet was amazing. You added the Pelican in, but what made you leave it out of MP? In the most respectful way 343, what made you make that terrible decision? Please tell me. If you guys want to keep players entertained, then air UNSC Vehicles are a MUST for future DLC!

VIP Gametype

  • I really loved this in Halo 3. I know Regicide is like VIP/Juggernaut, but people love classics, and it was hit and people made some amazing games. And what’s Halo with out rocket race? That also seaways to my next point.


  • This was a huge hit in Reach. I have know idea why it’s not in Halo 4. After all, it is a classic Halo 1 game. But It’s was incredible in reach. It MUST return in Halo 4. Maybe with a few new variants like drag races, or drifting contests.
    I feel if these are added in Halo 4, it will be 100% better. Please post in this and get 343’s attention If you agree let me know.