What Halo 4 needed.

Halo 4 needed to come out on the next-gen consoles.
It should never have came out for this current gen.
343 should’ve been allowed to display their best with new hardware.
It seems so wrong to start a new trilogy on the last year of it’s lifetime - when the next gen xbox is coming out this year.
Couldn’t Microsoft wait another year?
Just give 343 the new hardware in 2010 and release the game in 2013(give it free with more expensive XBOX 720 bundles).
343 were INCREDIBLY restricted with the 360.
We could’ve got Space-to-land matches, wider and longer campaign levels, infinitely better looking graphics, much better and innovated Forge, much more new features, bigger maps and player-count, Spartan Ops be a lot better do to better capabilities, effects+disintergration+particles+physics be SOOO much better and SO MUCH MORE INNOVATION WITH THE FRANCHISE.
Sigh, I don’t know what person made the decision to not have Halo 4 for next gen.

i think it’s fine on 360.

> Sigh, I don’t know what person made the decision to not have Halo 4 for next gen.

That must’ve been on Microsoft’s end. I’m guessing that they knew that Windows 8 was going to be a massive fail and decided to get their last bits of money out of the 360 so that they can go black on profits for that year

I agree that 343i was restricted by the 360, you can see it with the blurry textures on areas where they tried to cut corners. But then again, even with a new Xbox 343i would still be kind of pressed for room because of the type of quality they want to bring (Spartan Ops CG cutscenes) because MS would have to use 2009-ish hardware for a new Xbox to be cost effective. I would think that they could’ve had an enhanced edition for PC, but MS will NEVER let that happen

For what 343i managed to pull of on 8 year old hardware, it was impressive. The mechanics and graphics could’ve been even better on a new Xbox, but I say that PC is where a developer shows off it’s best