What Halo 2 Anniversary should be


  1. Add Achievements

  2. Add HD Graphics and make it so you can switch back and forth between old and new graphics like halo ce anniversary.


  1. Keep exactly the same just make it hd graphics.

  2. Add a Spectator Mode (Like black ops 2) for custom games

  3. Add theater mode

  4. Keep 1-50 ranks

  5. Add a reporting system for de rankers and cheaters.



Make it 40 dollars u.s and available for the xbox 360 and xbox one

Give bonuses if you get it for the xbox one such as a free halo 2 map pack and a 1 month xbox gold.

My minimum expectations/desires:

-Campaign with updated HD graphics (with updated Halo 2 models, audio, textures, architecture, art style, etc. (and maybe some from 3), not assets ripped from Reach or Halo 4)
-2 player co-op; splitscreen and online
-Maybe the E3 level as a bonus level
-Skull menu (all skulls would be acquirable on Normal or at least Heroic (sawry hardcore vets) and after you find them once they’d be available on your skull menu forever with the Iron skull altering the original ridiculous co-op Legendary respawning)
-Campaign scoring
-Reorchestrated music (the high quality of Halo 3’s “remakes”, not CEA’s)
-Halo 2/Halo 3/Reach-styled UI

That’s it, really. Maybe a map pack and real classic gameplay for Halo 4.

As for my radical, ridiculous, out of control, unrealistic, maximum crazy overoptimistic ideas…

-Campaign with updated HD graphics (as per above)
-4 player co-op; splitscreen and online
-E3 level, “Covenant Ship”, “Forerunner Tank”, and “Dreadnought” cut levels included
-Skull menu (as per above, but also with a sort of Vacation Skull*)
-Campaign scoring
-Reorchestrated music (as per above)
-Halo 2/Halo 3/Reach-styled UI

*All of the Campaign’s glitches and invisible barriers would be fixed, but the Vacation Skull would “turn them back on”, so to speak, so the ultimate classic Halo 2 experience could be enjoyed (everyone remembers Halo 2 for its amazingly fun glitches) while at the same time, the game could be “fixed” and polished. It would be easy to acquire in the first mission on Normal difficulty and it would thereafter always be an option. (See: Skull menu) :stuck_out_tongue:

Multiplayer: (To gauge whether the community prefers classic or post-Reach multiplayer and to revitalize the community’s interest in Halo!! :D)
-Full original multiplayer with updated HD graphics (as per above)
-Full array of Custom Games options from Halo 2, 3, Reach, and 4, along with certain options we haven’t been given access to yet for whatever reason…
-Game-breaking glitches, absurd aim-assist (I know, old internet, blah blah), button combos, and hacks fixed in most Matchmaking playlists, available as custom options (and classic classic playlists) for that broken classic multiplayer experience :wink:
-All maps available at lauch. All original Halo 2 maps, all DLC maps, both Vista-exclusive maps.
-And speaking of maps… MAP EDITOR. REAL MAP EDITOR WITH PROJECT SPARK ENGINE SUPPORT SOMEHOW (also multiplayer whilst editing muhahaha) working alongside an updated version of Forge! (Told you this was going to be ridiculous!)
-Custom Games Browser (also includes Forge/Matchmaking/Campaign/Map Editor parties) with lots of options like lobby name, max player cap, open party/friends only/closed, passwords, etc. as well as a neat list to choose from, as well as leaderboards, clans, most popular users, gametypes, maps, etc., and a nice convenient search bar to search for all of the above!
-ODST armour for multiplayer (as it’s in the game) and Mk. V (just to change it up a little) and maybe some other favourites, along with visor colours (part of the colour options, not unlockable visors pls). Definitely keep the Elites, pls, but maybe give them some extra bonus (Arbiter cough) armour? :3 Also more colours (colour wheel maybe? and saved custom armour sets?) and more emblems from more recent Halo games, but all emblems available at launch. No more unlocking emblems rubbish.
-Reach style commendations and challenges, maybe? With more dev interaction with the community?
-Multiplayer theatre, of course. With party viewing. Working into that, FILE SHARE!! Halo 3 and Reach-styled File Share.

I don’t think I’ve forgotten anything. If these wonderful ideas don’t make it into H2A (lol) then I hope at least some of them make it into Halo 5! :slight_smile:

Read OP again and this took so long I forgot Spectator mode and 1-50 ranks! D: They should definitely be in, especially the latter! (But also with H3-style exp system)

My goodness!
You guys remind me of picky customers ordering in a restaurant. Very specific demands! “I want the steak well done but a little pink in the middle. If I find one peppercorn on it, I’m sending it back! I want horseradish on the side! I want the potatoes golden brown; if they’re squishy or too crisp, I send them back! Don’t you dare bring me ketchup packets, I want a bottle! I want the cobb salad with french dressing on the side! And god help you if my croutons are soggy! Also, bring me the chateau margaux … the '95, not the '96.”
Now I’m hungry.

The Halo 2 engine will run the game; what they put on top of it will only add aesthetically, and Halo 4 is a gorgeous game, so I wouldn’t have a problem with it looking like Halo 4 at all. Unless you meant for multiplayer, but I doubt it because on a new console they’ll probably have something unique. Patience, my friends.