What H5 Need to work on? Good feedback please!

I kinda like that You have an Option on MCC on a button layout can be swap to southpaw . I would suggest that! Thruster I believe should be a (Short Thrust) instead of a far thrust. Finch be should taken out of them game. No talking Spartans, that give call-outs on Power weapons, and the green Sign of the power weapon about too re-spawn. Brightness options Would be Great. Respawn Timer would been great much like Traditional halo, Voting Match for Halo5/Timer as well!
Maps-I would love too See some H5 Remakes of maps form past Halos. “Construct”, “Narrows”, and Etc. As well as New,Fresh,and Well thought of Methodical Balanced maps.
Weapons- Please don’t bring back the Binary Rifle,Incineration Cannon,and the Boltshot. But I think RailGun Should be Brought back as a Power weapon.
Power ups- I would love too see a 2 layered Over-shield and Camo in game.
A 2 shot beat-down with Bleed-through would be great!
Thank you 343 and Bravo