What H4 did, and how H5:G can fix it

As I read through these forums, almost every topic is about how H5:G can be made better by removing what H4 did wrong. I cannot disagree more. Like I said before, almost everything that H4 did “wrong” had good ideas in mind when they were put into place. The things that I come across most often are Loadouts, Perks, Armor Abilities, Sprint, Personal Ordnance, and Random Weapon Spawns. What I am going to is try to explain how H5:G can take these and make them work in a more competitive, consistent, multiplayer.

**Loadouts-**I agree that in H4 loudouts created an inconsistency in the multiplayer experience. That doesn’t mean that they should be removed entirely. Allowing people to choose what weapon they spawn with has some actual benefits to the game, benefits that should not be thrown away. There are ways that allow people to choose what they want, and still maintain a consistent experience. The way that I think this should be achieved is by limiting peoples choices to only two weapon slots. The first slot should have four options, the BR, AR, Carbine, and Storm Rifle. The second should have two options, the Magnum and the Plasma Rifle. The magnum should get a significant boost from its iteration in H4, and the Plasma Rifle should be about equal to its iteration in CE(slow down and everything.)

It’s important that these two are actual options in a fight. If the Magnum is a weak sidearm like it is in both H3 and H4 then this will not work, same goes with the plasma rifle. The main reason for this split in weapons as apposed to being able to pick two weapons out of six is consistency. If you split the weapons into two groups, with one group containing four options and the other containing two then there are eight possible loudouts. If you allow people to just pick two weapons out of six then there are 15 total options. For a comparison, in H4 there are 65520 total options. Limiting this to eight possible loudouts, while keeping the balance that the H4 TU implemented would allow for a balanced multiplayer while letting people use the weapons that they want to use.

**Perks-**Should be destroyed with fire and black magic.

**Armor Abilities-**H4 balanced Armor Abilities a lot when compared to Reach. The problem isn’t that Armor Abilities are unbalanced, the problem is that you spawn with them. Many of the same issues would still be there if equipment were in their place. As on map pickups they would act nicely as an evolution of equipment, which is what they should be. Personally what I would like to see happen with Armor Abilities is have them get mixed with equipment and power-ups to create a tier system similar to what weapons are like. Equipment would be equal to about what starting weapons are, limiting them to one use just like in H3. Armor Abilities would be about equal to the mid-tier weapons and they should have limited uses or some sort of fuel meter. Power-ups would then be equal to power weapons. All three of these should be grouped into the same thing(I call them equipment) and occupy the same usage slot. The tiers would go something like this.

-deployable cover(same as in H3, one use)
-radar jammer(same as in H3, one use)
-regen field(same as in H3, one use)
-grav lift(same as in H3, one use)
-bubble shield(same as in H3, one use)
-Flare(same as in H3, one use)

“Armor Abilities”
-Armor Lock(fuel bar that goes down faster when people melee it, no EMP, no shield bleed through, only available on larger maps)
-Hologram(able to have all five holograms out at the same time, five uses)
-Jetpack(not able to shoot while in the air, fuel bar)
-Promethean Vision(acts exactly the same as in H4, fuel bar)
-Hardlight Shield(same as in H4, fuel bar with minimum of two uses)
-Thruster Pack(three uses)

-Invisibility/Active Camo(acts the same as in H3, one use)
-Speed Boost(very similar to in H4 but lets you reload faster too, one use)
-Overshields(should lose the invincibility as it is charging up, one use)

If you are still reading at this point you will realize that I left out some things on this list. That is because I believe that equipment should have no directly offensive abilities. Also I think that it is important to say that while using a power-up, the power-up occupies the usage slot until it is completely gone. It is also important to mention that these should be visible on the character in some way. I just haven’t figured out in which way yet.

The way that I see it there are two problems with sprint in H4. You are able to run away from a battle, and you are able to return to your killer before their shields recharge. By adding a respawn counter you eliminate the latter. In order to stop people from running away I suggest that when hit with damage about equal to that of a BR burst, you are knocked out of it. When knocked out there is a moment where you cannot shoot or go back into sprint. Some people say that sprint needs to be removed completely, the only problem with that is that people enjoy being able to sprint, if you take away the combative properties and reduce it to purely a movement tool then there are no problems with sprint. Before any of you say that it ruins maps, both Ragnarok and Pitfall are maps that where designed without sprint in mind, and those are two of the best maps in H4. Maps do not need to be scaled in order to account for sprint.

Personal Ordinance
I think that there is some merit in the idea of PO. The problem is that it does not belong in either slayer or objective gametypes. It should be limited to only the dominion gametype, which in turn should be a more prominent gametype in H5:G. Also, there should be a consistent selection of three, mid-tier, weapons per map, and not be a random assortment of grenades, power-ups, and weapons.

Random Weapon Spawns
This is one of the worst things that H4 did, but I still think that it can be salvaged. The idea of moving spawns in not a bad idea. It forces teams to move in order to keep map control. If this was predictable, with set times and locations it would create a more mobile game. Spawn trapping would become harder, but not impossible, and that wouldn’t be a bad thing at all. For example if there were three spawn locations for the rocket launcher on said map, point A, point B, and point C. If the rocket spawned very 200 seconds, while moving from A to B to C, repeating this pattern, it would force teams to move in order to maintain map control, therefore allowing the better team to still dominate the game if they are good enough, while making it possible for the team being controlled to escape if the controlling team in not good enough. This doesn’t have to be three locations either. It can be two, or four, or whatever. I think it’s important to mention that this should only apply to power weapon spawns. Mid-tier and lower should be static spawns, allowing for a more consistent experience