What gonna happen with my 6 months ban

I receive a ban for 6 months, appearly for get boosting, I know it’s fair get a ban for boost, but should be a ban for days, but 6 months to me is so excessive, I’ve been looking for help with some mods but no one could give an answer or help me with my problem, so I come here looking for a solution, do I have to wait 6 month to can play again matchmaking?


We are many who expect an answer and as you mention it is very exessive 6 months, we hope to do something about it.

I agree with you it is a long time that they gave of a ban, I hope they give us a minor sanction.

I agree with you, but apart from being banned in an account and that is why your console is banned any account that entered halo automatically is banned, we hope to do something about it because Halo is indispensable among gamers.

I agree with all of you, it is not possible that just by playing with friends in low accounts we do this, and more because if we all go in our main accounts is not split, 343 please do something.

Exactly it is a lot of time 6 months and above all why it is the first sanction that they gave me, hopefully and do something because of if Halo 5 is down to players.

It is not fair to be 6 months, one plays clean and this happens, it is not fair that other players who do that and worse things are not banned.

If you have ended up with a ban for a length of six months, it means that your account has been caught doing thins it shouldn’t like manipulating the matchmaking / ranking system. You can read more about that in the thread noted below, but bans like this are there for a reason and generally are not reversed.