What going on with 343?

I took a break from this game and the forums for a good ten days and I can’t believe what I return to. Now, i’m pretty sure everyone who visits here pretty often knows I am a pretty active 343 supporter, but after GDC… I just don’t know how I feel anymore.

I know we’ve all seen the “What a Joke” thread, and that thread made me to scared to watch the panel. I prefer to stay ignorant and in denial. But this picture… it just hurts. No matter how much you support the game and the developer, you have to admit that is just embarrassing. It makes me feel stupid for claiming that 343 didn’t think like that. Man, it hurts talking about it.

Now, it makes me look back at all the questionable decisions 343 has made involving this game, and I realized there are many. I have to ask these questions:

-Why would 343 remove features that defined the way Halo played for years?
-Why would they implement features into the game without properly testing if they worked?
-Why would they remove features that had no negative effect on gameplay?
-Why would they remove so many classic playlists?
-Why would they remove features such as campaign theater?
-Why would they make the game so locked down? (custom games- to not being able to turn down volume)
-And most importantly; Why would you do such a disservice to your loyal/original fanbase?

These are things I would have never imagined myself saying just a week ago, it is incredibly embarrassing to continue to support them after GDC. The fanbase that I thought they cared for they showed they were intending to ignore. Honestly, who is making these decisions over at 343? And more importantly, why do they get so much support from them?

There was no need to lower the skill gap.

There is no need to combine the campaign and multiplayer audiences.

There is definitely no need to make it easy for new players to get power weapons.

Halo does NOT need to become more accessible.

And no, you have not been listening to community feedback. If that were true then we would have:

-An in-game ranking system

-No custom loadouts

-Team throwdown would be named team Hardcore

-We would have more small maps

-Static weapon spawns

-Descoping would be in the TU

-We would be able to disable sprint

And the list goes on.

The is, by far, the most critical thread I have ever made about 343, but they really deserve it after GDC. It made them look so clueless it’s insane. What community are they listening to?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not some guy running around screaming for competitve only, but I’m 100% certain that most people did not ask for the things 343 are trying to do.

Now, I still enjoy Halo 4, and I still may buy Halo 5, but I think 343 should be shown as much ridicule as possible over this. It’s just not tolerable.

  1. Joshington State has apologized for the image used during GDC.

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