What Gametypes do you build your Map around?

Whenever i hop into forge, i usually have one or two gametypes that i’d like my map to focus on.

When building BTB maps, i either focus on CTF/Slayer or CTF/Assault.
When building smaller maps, I always try to do CTF/Slayer no questions asked.

How about you?

I like to build team slayer/swat type maps and sometimes I take a shot at making a big team battle.

Most successful big team one I built was called “the cave” but it somehow got removed from my files.

and my most successful team slayer map is one I recently built called “outpost” the people I played it with gave the map positive feedback.

It depends on what mood i am in, but usually I forge maps for FFA gametypes (headhunter, Slayer, Juggernaut).

I have been working on a map I entitled “7th Cirlce” which was originally (in my head) a Juggernaut map for sniping, but got shrunk down to what it is now.

A gametype that a friend of mine made for Tribes like gameplay. Been trying to make some maps to really capture feel of Tribes. The only success I’ve gotten so far is remaking SuperCross_2.

Mostly slayer, but I feel like a lot of principles are shared among the gametypes. A good map is a good map. I just build the space and then try to figure out how I can use it in each gametype to make things interesting.