Please any Aussies tell me what you are queuing up for/most successful "today" so I know I am not wasting my time in select playlists.

Halo 2 Anniversary is the only playlist I have got any games in today apart from one game in Halo 2 Classic.

How long does that take you? You guys up for a custom right now?

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> How long does that take you?

It varies. Had a few games within a space of couple of hours before then it dries up for a bit then I might get one more here and there. It is slowly improving.

Halo 2 classic takes me 10-20 mins with -Yoinked!- up teams like 7v3

Thanks guys bump though

H2A, after about 10-20 minutes. Which is pretty frustrating as i know people on my FL are searching it also. Pretty standard to get 4v5 at the moment. Got a 2v2 before also, which ended after 25 kills, almost like the game treated it as a team doubles game type.