What games types should 343 put in?

Halo 5 is fun to play but the lack in variety of gametypes is beginning to make the game feel a bit stale. What game types would you like 343 to put back in?

Also before anyone says anything about the weekend playlists “we get new game modes every weekend”, not really, all we’ve seen so far is mostly just slayer with different weapons and breakout on different maps


Infection- The normal, but also an elimination where it’s one super tough infected vs really weak humans and they don’t become infected, they just die once it kills them, and a breakout style pack gamemode. One team plays infected and has to eliminate the other team. Once you die, you stay dead.
Grifball- And Richochet. I loved them both. Perhaps add a Grifball assault, where one team has to get the ball in and the other has to keep it away for the time limit.
Bombs- Assault and all that. They’re cool af and have to return. I love bomb assault maps.
Oddball- Oddball needs to make a return, and it’d have to make one for grifball to come back too.
Fiesta- Fiesta obviously needs to make a comeback, but with it it should bring random weapons, so it helps people create gamemodes like TTT in Halo again.
King Of The Hill- Duh, I really enjoy this gamemode. it’s a classic.
Regicide- Oddly enough, I enjoyed this Halo 4 mode and especially enjoyed the team variant. I think it should come back.

Many have said it before me, I’ve said it a few times also; and I will say it again: Firefight.

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> Many have said it before me, I’ve said it a few times also; and I will say it again: Firefight.


Infection should be added in, or the ability to allow team changing in the middle of a match so we can do the Halo 2 style infection. Team changing would also be useful for custom games in general if you want to switch out players or someone joins the wrong team by mistake.
Also with the addition of so many cool forge elements and effects there is so much potential for awesome spooky infection maps

Mult. team. Always fun. 4 to 6 different teams. Nothing but good fun chaos.

All the above with a strong vote for Firefight. Get it done 343.

KOTH pls.

Dog fighting … Banshee’s V’s Banshee’s …Think that would easy too make on Forge … I’ll just go and try :smiley:

They need to bring back Breakout Arena as a playlist I loved that it made break out playable for me. Bring back Bomb assault, infection. Griffball!

I would like to see forgeable firefight and infection. although firefight is unlikely since there is Warzone

At this point (and maybe it’s because I haven’t logged in too many online hours yet), I really enjoy Warzone’s maps - I would be in favor of adding a few variants of that.

grifball and that’s it. Infection only if the remove the SA

Infection, Grifball, King of the Hill, Assault, Regicide, Race, and maybe even Headhunter if they did it right.

> 2535430931286924;10:
> Dog fighting … Banshee’s V’s Banshee’s …Think that would easy too make on Forge … I’ll just go and try :smiley:

Banshee on Banshee game type…if that gets put into Halo 5, sign me up.

Halo 2 Anniversary had the best Infection implementation in the franchise. I hope they salvage as much of it as possible.

Aside from that, I feel like most of the answers I want to offer are obvious answers – staples like Assault and VIP – but in particular, I’d like to see the Reach-specific gametypes return. Things like HaloBall were surprisingly versatile when paired with Forge. (And would it be unreasonable to ask for Halo Chess? Probably. :P)

Firefight or a PVE Warzone variant.
Multi-team, Broslayer, Headhunter, Juggernaut, and Fiesta would all be cool, but maybe just as weekend playlists.
As far as permanent gametypes, Oddball, Regicide, and Infection would be nice to see.

All of them. Seriously, why not? If we don’t like them we don’t have to play them. At the very least we need Oddball, Infection, and Assault back.

Assault. One flag. KOTH. please use your mics and maybe we’ll see some.