What games can blood be disabled in in mcc

I saw a thing that you could turn off blood and particles in halo ce is this still the case in mcc and if so is it in any other halo games? I personaly don’t have any problem with blood I was just wondering.

There’s no option to turn off blood in MCC to my knowledge, unless there’s an option i’ve missed.

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It’s only available in CEA.

Too bad there’s not a more blood option.


I know about something kinda similar. There’s a mode called “Pegasus mode” on MCC for PC which enables the Chinese censorship features. It was originally intended for the Chinese version on Xbox but you can enable it on PC. However I don’t know if you can play online with it.

Generalkidd has some videos about it on YouTube if you’re interested. Waypoint doesn’t allow me to post links.

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Thanks for the help!

It seems the option has been removed. I swear i can remember CEA’s video settings having a blood toggle.

I haven’t checked recently, but a while ago I tried using it and don’t recall it making any difference whether it was on or off. It was definitely there, though.

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