What Gameplay Video Do You Want To See First?

Which type of gameplay video would you want to see first for Halo Xbox One?

Campaign, multiplayer, SOps, firefight, forge, or something different?

Explain and discuss below.

Vehicle gameplay in matchmaking.

just so i can see if there are plasma loadouts.
i felt that H4 Killed vehicle combat with plasma weapons in loadouts, and if Halo 4 isn’t updated to fix that, i just hope that HX1 will fix that.

I would like to see a Campaign teaser more than anything at the time. I’m more engaged with the Halo story now more than ever, seeing what happens after Halo 4’s ending would satisfy me greatly.

Multiplayer would be my 2nd concern, I want to know how its evolved with the dedicated servers.

I need to see that 343 fixed their mistakes with multiplayer more than anything.

I’d like to see Multiplayer or Firefight specifically.

Campaign and Spartan Ops videos may carry mild spoilers I’d rather not see before getting the game.

Multiplayer, for obvious reasons. Not too worried about the campaign.

I’d love just a vidoc explaining the initial thought process behind the game.

This time around Im gonna have to say multiplayer. Ask me this a year ago and Campaign would have been the answer.

Yeah, show the community the fixes they made for multiplayer and save the campaign from being spoiled.

I already voted, but some of the posts have changed my mind lol.

I said Campaign, but having thought about it a little more, I think it’s best that we see Multiplayer to get an early idea of what direction they are taking that in.

I would prefer multiplayer. I want the campaign to be shown as little as possible in order to keep it feeling fresh and surprising.

I would like to see how the spartan’s armor looks as well as classic vehicles and weapons returning like the assault rifle and warthog. (assuming they’ll be in the next game.)

Multiplayer. I don’t worry about the campaign near as much as I do the direction of the matchmaking combat.

That said, I would also take forge gameplay.

I would like to see one MP so we can see how the MP design is. Even if it is only a teaser I would want to see possible highlights of the trailer to see what type of stuff they might of added or removed in Matchmaking.

Maybe a MM or Forge gameplay trailer, because I would like the campaign to be kept a secret.

Campaign every Halo i always start with the campaign and indulge in the awesomeness that this universe delivers then i jump into multiplayer until the next Halo.

I think there should be another CGI trailer that announces the game (and the real name) that is obviously related to the story and the campaign, but the first reveal of in-game content should be for multiplayer with an accompanied ViDoc that makes it clear what direction they are taking with the multiplayer. It should be real fan service to prove 343i is listening.