What game types do you want back in Halo?

Just a question, what do you guys want back in Halo for game types?

For me, I want race and Juggernaut back. Both so essential.


Both are incorrect… we NEED and DEMAND Action Sack! It not being a playlist is just shameful. It has been apart of Halo since even before Infection.

I would love to see the return of VIP [Halo 3]. It was very unique and fresh when it was introduced and I am saddened it never made it to future games.

I want all of them but… and I want new ones…
I do want VIP, race, and bunch of other stuff. Dominion, better oddball and Ricochet, King kf the hill.

Dominion and Invasion. I felt like Invasion should have came back the moment the Requiem Campaign started.

Race and vip.

  • Community Forge Map Playlist - Action Sack (Husky Raid, Lightning CTF, Ninja Assassins, Medal Madness) - Swat CTF - King of the Hill - Extraction - Dominion (including Lockdown) - Team Heavies - Oddball (with the Halo 4 ball, which glows blue) - Ricochet - Regicide in FFA (Team Regicide too)

KOTH, VIP, Juggernaut, and oddball in matchmaking.

You didn’t ask about playlists, but the two topics are linked so I’ll list those as well. An action sack playlist with the a variety of wacky fun game types whether they be returning like super fiesta or husky raid or new and even weirder. They should also add a social slayer and social skirmish playlists.