What Game Modes Do You Speak In

Hey there. As of this new time in the Halo Universe not many people seem to talk on Halo Masterchief Edition. Back then in the days of Halo 3, Halo Reach and even Halo 4 alone, more people were talkative and had fun and communicated. But now I want to know. If you have played all game modes and observed. Which game mode has the most talking? Like for example in CoD its hardcore stuff and Search and Destroy. But in halo I am yet to know. If you give opinions thanks alot and generally if you see me on Xbox just say something. I am Korrupt Kitten. Say something like hey I saw your forum post and yadayada. Thanks all :smiley: I will post as MissFurball but its only because I accidentally made this Xbox account a year ago… TRULY my gamer tag and account is indeed: Korrupt Kitten

CTF and BTB are pretty talkative sometimes. HCC is also talkative near the end of the season

I don’t really talk much because I’m a bit shy (plus I don’t really like how my voice sounds).

I typically find the most players talk in HCS or Hardcore. Just because those would be the two most competitive playlists and require the most communication.

I hardly ever talk, just due to that I’m usually playing to relax not taking the game that seriously. I sometimes turn on my mic if someone on my team has one.