What game modes can be made if Forge has AI?

If Infinite’s Forge were to feature AI controlled Marines/Covies/Flood/Prometheans, what sort of custom game modes could possibly be made in multiplayer?

Short answer:

We don’t knowLong answer:

I mean this question is a bit unclear and vague but I’ll take a stab at what I think you are asking. With the ability to control ai in forge we would have the ability to make any number of custom games that are akin to current and older warzone/firefight modes(I wouldn’t mind a flood survival mode of they are actually included in hi I need juggernauts in a main line game). Depending on the theoretical level of customization one could basically make anything they want that includes ai maybe even ai fighting each other. We don’t really know and as this has not been announced as a feature this is all an insane level of hypothetical on hypothetical. In addition to all this, and in my opinion most exciting, forgers could begin to rebuild past Halo campaigns in a modern engine with new in-game abilities. (It would be cool to make a mode where it is a regular campaign mission but a normally ai advesary can have a real person, or team of people, drop in and play against you… Kinda like doom is doing)
Did I get at what you were looking for op?