What forge maps made it in?

Sorry if this was mentioned somewhere else, but all I saw was that Relay was added (along with Exile) to CTF. I also saw mention of Dispatch in this last bulletin. Is this it? I haven’t seen anything else, but I haven’t played much since Forge Test went down.

I hope more make it in, I had a lot of fun on those maps.

I havent really been able to see what maps have been added. but I cant wait to see.

Other than in CTF the only other forge test maps were released into the new Team Doubles playlist. The maps are Rail, Dispatch and Scythe. There are also modified versions of Haven, Abandon and Solace in Team Doubles.

Forge maps were broken due to frame rate issues on splitscreen. Relay is somehow playable (not good, but better than others) so it made through. I’m surprised to see other Forge maps in Team Doubles. I thought that this gametype is made with a view of splitscreen.
However I hope not to see Forge maps in Team Slayer/BTS until 343i will solve frame rate problem (and I hope they’ll do this quick, since I’m bored with same few maps). I’ve enough of Complex and Shatter already.