What features would people like to see in the future?

The Master Chief Collection is in a really good place at the moment, better than anyone could have anticipated, but there are quality of life improvements and new features I’d love to see added, including

  • More customisation options for Halo 2 classic including the different elite types from campaign
  • Some of the armours in Halo 3 being added to other games, namely Mirage to Halo Reach even if just as a helmet
  • New forge objects for all the games that feature it (We were told more were on the way and would love to see it)
  • Per Piece armour customisation for Halo Reach elites
  • Halo 3 Weapon/ vehicle skins being added to ODST
  • Ability to choose the main menu animated background between any of the previous ones on Console
  • Improved visuals for the Exchange with more featured items to improve the space
  • Added profile options including the ability to make your customised spartan/elite/ODST (from any of the games in the collection) your avatar

These are just the ideas I could think of off the top of my head, I’m sure there are tons more, this also isn’t including features we know are coming that aren’t in the game yet like Flood Firefight and Poses. But others that had been talked about in an unofficial capacity like new forge objects. What would you like to see added? Or do you think the game doesn’t need more content?


My main options are:

  1. Viewmodel adjustments for individual weapons (like Open Sauce on Custom edition) instead of just the weapon type

  2. The ability to select between the centered/lowered viewmodel independently from the crosshair possition (similar to the new gender and voice selection In Reach), like for example lowered viewmodel in Halo 2 with centered crosshair

  3. At least for campaign, the addition of the original main menus for all games, with their original background video, layout, etc

  4. On Series X/S, the option to let us choose between 60fps and 120fps in-game without changing the console settings, like in Rainbow &: Siege

  • Slayer Pro back into Reach
  • 4v4 Elite Slayer back into Reach
  • A quit to main menu option after a campaign mission
  • A replay mission option
  • More avatars centered around Reach (Noble Team individually, Colonel Holland, Skirmishers, BOB, Moa, Guta, etc.)
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Removal of the quit ban. This AFK meta is bad.

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AI bots. It’s something I’ve wanted since the original release of Halo 2, when I was saddened to find that I couldn’t play multiplayer because I couldn’t connect to Xbox Live, and the game had no AI bots in multiplayer.

AI bots are a must-have for the less popular games in MCC, namely Halo 4, but sooner or later the population is going to fall again (especially after the release of Halo: Infinite) and a lot of players will either have to sit through long matchmaking times or not be able to play at all because most of the community has moved on to the next big FPS, whatever that may be…

Beyond that, AI bots afford the player a massive degree of freedom in how they want to play the game, more so than online matchmaking or the Custom Games Browser ever could. With AI bots, you can tweak the custom game settings to your heart’s content, choose your favorite maps, and play them whenever you want without being dependent on other players.

I’m thrilled that Halo: Infinite is getting AI bots at launch and I hope to God that MCC will get bots as well in the near future.


Reach avatars would be nice, especially a Skirmisher Murmillo, T’vaoan’s are my favorite Halo species. Personally for Reach I’d allow elites in all modes but then competitive numb nuts would start whining. The only modes that should exclude certain species are ones that have it explicitly in the rule set I.E. Blargball, Elite Slayer, etc.

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  1. To have Halo 2A in the CGB.
  2. Need next map button in Prefab
  3. Need map list
  4. Would like to have our own dedicated server software.

After seeing this anniversary event, most reasonable thing I think that can be added at the very least is some Back Accessory options for Elites in H3.
Adding Xbox and Grunt Plushies and stuff like that for Spartans kinda puts it beyond making any rational sense now, so why can’t Elites also carry around a Grunt plush?

Kinda hoped after S7 there was at least gonna be a little more love to Elites, particularly when it’s something non-race specific themed that could so easily be shared among both them and Spartans.

  • Slayer Pro back into Reach

Hell no. I hated having Slayer Pro mixed in with regular game modes in Reach. It was especially bad in Rumble Pit; FFA with no motion tracker is extremely awkward to play, to say the least. Combine that with the restrictive weapons sandbox, and Slayer Pro was not fun to play.

If Slayer Pro is ever brought back, it should be in a separate category from Precision Slayer… so that I can avoid it like the plague.

Honestly the only things missing for me are flyable Pelican’s and Phantoms in Halo 2: Anniversary, Halo 3, and Halo: Reach. The Pelican is such a blast to fly around in in Halo 4, I just wish for the more classic look.

Bring back the old event nameplates, such as the original flood nameplate, winter nameplates, and so on. As to how they do so could be in many ways. They could do challenges that relate to them, have a certain time period available for them or go the Exchange route.

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They to improve the hit reg for Halo CE and 2 and remove the CE magnum’s spread from social as they did in Hardcore Doubles and adding back the stun-lock to the CE plasma pistol/rifle and making the shotgun and ar do damage as they did on the og Xbox.

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Make sure you request for offline bot support. Some games that have bot support don’t make them available offline.


I’d like to see skulls that exist in one or two games, like the Bandanna skull, be added to the rest of the games in the collection.

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Let me play an Unggoy on Multiplayer.

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Weapon/vehicle skins in remastered graphics for campaign.

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Glad to see I’m not the only one asking for these features. I’ve been asking for Reach’s elite’s to have per piece armor and to be able to showcase your spartan(s)/odst for awhile now. As far as customization goes, the only thing I’d add would be a few extra visors for reach. As far as other features for the game, adding skulls to each game, like they did for halo 3, would be awesome. The acrophobia skull has already been modded into a few other halo games. I’m sure there’s a few other small things I could hope for, but they wouldn’t be enough of a change to matter.

I’m not going to make a huge list, mostly because I think at this point, most feature requests are very unrealistic. So I just have two.

(1) For God’s sake, can we please get custom gamepad control mapping? I’m not fully pleased with any of the presets for controllers. There may be preset for one game that I like, but it isn’t universal, which is tedious. Infinite has this feature, so I’m hoping they’ll do the same for MCC.

(2) The addition of each game’s original main menu. Those main menus for the respective games did a whole hell of a lot of setting the tone for the games themselves, and having each and every one of them become forgotten with time as people play MCC going forward instead of the original releases is just something I don’t think should happen for a franchise as big and important as Halo. I get the feeling this would actually be a very tricky addition, but I nonetheless think that preserving this aspect of the series legacy is an important one.

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The only thing I really want is pretty small, but I’d like a Random option for any of the games that have a Preferred Species setting in customization. It would just randomly pick between your Spartan or your Elite whenever you enter a match. Especially in Halo 3, I think it’s a shame that you can customize both species but only get to use one at a time.


Here is a list of some stuff I’d like, most of it is not art heavy but still would be pretty tough so I don’t expect all of it but these features could do a lot of good for the game.

  • Some Halo 4 stuff in Halo 2A and some Halo 2A stuff in Halo 4, it would help those games a lot and it should be possible because the engine is similar.
  • And Halo Online Forge in 3 and other forge improvements
  • Some cut content restored including more Online content added to 3
  • Console mod support would be very awesome
  • Full campaign customisation
  • The return of old events and new 2xp events (I’d like to see more event challenges where we can unlock extra season points)
  • All mythic armour added to Reach, I really want this because Halo Reach has the biggest movie/machinima scene and I think creators would like to use these
  • More permanent exchange items and more past items added back (Rhine pls I didn’t even know it was gonna go away)
  • PvE modes in Custom Games Browser like firefight (Maybe campaign too?)
  • Discord invites
  • A system where modded games can be hosted on the CGB
  • Rent a server program for CGB (This is a game changing feature for the CGB and would be awesome)
  • Weapon skins for all the games would be awesome but I can understand that such a feature would be tough
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