What features do you want to see in H5?

What I want: I want better armor, After looking through the armor, I can honestly say that I just want Security. Hopefully, the armor add later on in DLC is descent. I also hope that we can actually use skins in arena! I heard that they are only in warzone. If they are in arena, it would be cool if when you picked up a weapon you saw your weapon skin like spray paint itself slowly in a hexagonal pattern. It would also be pretty cool if there are legendary ARs and BRs! It would be nice if on map there was a legendary AR with 60 bullets in a magazine, and maybe a BR with the classic scope and slightly increased damage. Hopefully 343i doesn’t mess up H5’s Matchmaking so that we can actually experience these features! (Unlike MCC)
So what features do you guys want? Let me know down below! ~GT