What Ever Happened To The Heavies Gametype?

It seems that with Reach all Bungie cares to do is add in community maps to playlist instead of worrying about quality control. More maps do not get players excited, especially if they are not made by 343 or Bungie. I would love some good old fashion Heavies back in BTB. It was a intense gametype in Halo 3 and it should be brought back. Both sides got lasers and rocket launchers, and the maps were filled with every vehicle. We need this in Reach given the average BTB map size is expanded from Halo 3.

Can you imagine the chaos of 2 Scorpion Tanks, 2 Wraith Tanks, Gauss hogs, Revants, Ghosts, Banshee’s, Falcon’s? It would be incredible to play.

Why does it feel to me that Bungie has lost what made Halo fun? Double exp is gone. The variety we know and love and now just making a appearance in game, even though it was brought into the series in the last game. I think BUngie changed to much of a good thing and lost sight of what made Halo a fun game to play.

I’d love to see a BTB Heavy on Hemorrhage :slight_smile:

> I’d love to see a BTB Heavy on Hemorrhage :slight_smile:

Can you imagine the carnage? Ah man it would be epic.