What ever happened to split screen multiplayer?

What ever happened to split screen multiplayer halo?

My opinion is that this is an important feature to have to help grow the games population both currently and in the future. In my personal experience with multiplayer split screen I have seen two of my friends become halo players only because of being able to split screen on my console. Prior to trying halo on multiplayer split screen they were GameCube players or COD players.

With split screen removed how many kids are out there now that have a friend over and all that friend can do is watch instead of actually play the game and realize that it’s fun and want to get it themselves or ask their parents for it.

I remember in reach always seeing a player with one guest or sometimes multiple.

So my question is simple, do you think split screen would help with population?

  • Yes
  • No

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Also, do you have an experience like mine where split screen has helped bring people to the franchise?

Are you referring to coop? Because the game has split screen for multiplayer.

It does… news to me. Have not seen one guest since launch. Did they get rid of that option, meaning you need to have a gamertag to play online multiplayer?

So did a google search and they did remove that option of having a “guest”, players need a valid Xbox live account

The game is F2P. So they can just make a free XBL account.

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I have owned every xbox only becuase of halo co-op. I have a bunch of $$ waiting for HaloInfinite co-op campaing to play with my wife. No co-op, no purchase, they can keep the series -x and live service. Guess I’ll just keep playing on my xbox-one

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