What even are the end goals of the Banished?

Their goals can’t be to fire a Halo, they aren’t the Covenant. Is it total control over everything, akin to what Cortana wanted? That wouldn’t really make sense given Atriox’s origins. So… what does he really want?

In the context of Infinite, I get they wanted control over Zeta Halo because they wanted to set the Endless free, but WHY? What purpose does that serve them?


IMO - and this is totally opinion based on my interpretation of the events in Infinite - the Banished want the Halo ring as kind of a self-defense mechanism. Cortana destroyed Doisac when they wouldn’t bend to her rule, and having control of a Halo is a good way to ensure something like that won’t happen again, lest you light it up and bring forth extinction. I believe there are some lines in either an Escharum hologram, Atriox hologram, or audio log that allude to a “never again” kind of sentiment.

As for the Endless, their purposes with the Banished are less clear, IMO. They seem to have discovered that the Endless exist after their arrival at Zeta Halo (though it is also possible some form of Forerunner artifact gave evidence to their existence on Zeta to Atriox prior to their arrival, and that’s part of why they arrived in the first place, with a veneer of “never again” to justify it to the troops). I think they view the Endless as a potential powerful ally, mostly. That allying with the Endless will ensure their position of power and that they will not be able to be pushed around by the UNSC or any of the Covenant splinter groups.


To never be made to bend the knee. Aka, carrying the biggest stick.


The End Goals of The Banished, at least the Jiralhanae, are to find a new home. And what better way to ensure that no one screws with you than to control a Halo Ring that can be focused to a single planet.


Funny considering the main villain spends most of the game monologuing and giving grand speeches on the Banished. You’d think they would use that to cover at least some of the basics:

  • Who we are
  • Why we don’t like humans
  • Why we want the ring

Instead they talk about pretty much everything else apart from that. Like it gets very vague whenever they come close to any of the subjects. I know they’re called the Banished, they don’t like humans and want the Halo ring. Just not the why.

But as you say, they fire the ring they die and the tactical pulse we saw in Halo 3 still killed everybody near it. It’s not the Death Star and they haven’t established otherwise in game.

It’s when you realise they’ve been in the series for five years at this point and people are having to piece together the central conflict. :smile:

To answer your question. I think 343 are toying with the idea of the faction being based on a lie. Like the Covenant and their religion. So they are being a bit vague with Atriox and the Banished as a faction. For five years and counting. It’s possible that this faction that insists they aren’t anyones puppets are actually dancing to another’s tune. Which would explain oddities like Atriox knowing about the Endless and Forerunner tech. The Banished Symbol is basically Mendicant Bias and even a little like the Endless symbol. That or, 343 think it’s more dramatic if Atriox reveals the plan down the road and they’re making it all up as they go along. Like if he actually does plan to glass Earth or turn it into a time machine; moustache twirling.


I thought endless was time travel and leap around ring fire abled to void being hit by it.

This would give atrox huge assistive to find out the tech and use it.

This would end the fighting.

So he wants tech that can make him immune to the ring but still able to wipe everyone else.


Okay, fair few leaps there.

But why is he that evil? He’d be killing everybody in the Galaxy if he fired Halo. Including all Brutes not part of the Banished in the rest of the Galaxy. I’ve joked about the Elites in the Banished being filthy traitors but they’re not going to let him destroy Sanghelios surely?

The OP is right there’s a lot they’re leaving ambivalent and vague. Why is a pirate interested in massacring most of the galaxies population? Thanos at least had a twisted reason but I don’t follow his.

Hmmmm, Cortana just killed 90% of all the Brutes left in the galaxy after Humanity absolutely wrecked their shiet for 20 years.

Now what would the little monkey Atriox do to save the rest of the Banished after they lost all their moral and homes? Of course. TAKE OVER A HALO RING TO IGNITE IT AGAINST THE REST OF THE GALAXY!!!

I think he’s using it as a bargaining chip to try and submit Humanity, Sangheili, and the rest of the post-Covenant forces to slavery for Brutekind. How he’s going to ignite it is a completely unknown possibility since they just seem to kill any captured UNSC soldier they use instead of having him or her help activate Zeta.

Realistically there was no reason for the Infinity to go to Zeta since nobody except Humans can use Forerunner tech so the Banished would’ve probably just died of starvation as Cortana blew herself up to kill a bunch of them after a random change of heart.


Yeah threatening everyone with a Halo is a great way to get everyone to come kill you and your army. Oh and they don’t believe in surrender so that makes things very simple.

Why are all the Elites, Grunts, Jackals and Hunters in his army okay with this plan to destroy their own homes and kill their own families? Sure there’s some scum in the Bansihed but that’s a little excessive. You’d expect at least a few grumbling over that.


They want to rebuild Halo as their new base and home. They’ve been at it since Halo wars 2


I think they made the Banished ambiguous enough to where they can fit some purpose later down the road. I do hope if Atriox returns, that will be his first duty. He’ll tell everyone what he wants and how he’ll do it.


I thinks it’s worse when you put it in context.

The Banished have been in Halo since 2017. Five years. That’s almost as long as Bungie OG trilogy involving the full arc of the Covenant and at least covered the Great Schism.

Even the first game gives you enough to work with. The Ring has some religious significance to them and this is why they don’t like humans. For a mute faction that doesn’t talk they give you more than the Banished. Much less having the main villain give speeches to you every few minutes about the Banished and a game in which there are Propaganda towers for the faction. I know they do hate us, I just don’t know what exactly we did to them.

I think it also stems from a problem with how they are first introduced. We get a big beautiful cutscene on their origin. I perfectly understand why Atriox does not like the Covenant. But the UNSC is not the Covenant. Humanity are not the Covenant. Yet we are in this savage war in which they are this mortal threat to humanity. Why? So you have this weird moment where Isabel is ostensibly setting up who they are but leaves out why they hate us and why we are fighting them.

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There are thousands of planets in the galaxy. If they have the same motive as the Quarians why go get a Halo ring and try reactivate it? Nobody is opposed to the Brutes settling another planet. They are the ones starting the problems and not being willing to surrender or back down. They are the ones starting a war of annihilation against humanity and behave with utter barbarism. Esharum clearly doesn’t like you or humanity. It’s obviously not just business to him. So what gives?

Considering the Banished are basically a pirate faction and have a warmongering society, it’s strategically sound to settle on a universal scale superweapon and tempt people to come and take it over from you.

Space Pirates with the gun pointed at the head of the universe? sounds good.


If you follow the Banished closely in HW2, they basically just wanna fight and war and fight and grow and accrue power and keep doing it across the entire Orion Arm.

In that respect, they’re no better than Predators hunting other species for sport, even if those species aren’t originally hostile to them.

If the Banished settling on Halo can threaten to wipe entire civilizations or fight them, they have a power position similar to the Yautja forcing their prey to fight back.


Why? Power for its own sake is flimsy and it runs counter to the sentiment they have in the HW2 backstory cutscene where oh he’s a rebel punching up. It’s not really a motivation and the way they act isn’t consistent with a pragmatic faction.

Plus it’s not just business. Tremonius says he wants revenge. Atriox says he wants to tear down monuments of human oppression. What the hell are they talking about? That’s not just power for its own sake. They clearly have some distinct issue with humanity and are singling them out.

The Predators don’t hate their prey though. It is just sport. That’s not the case for the Banished. They clearly hate humanity and the UNSC.

Also, why would all the subject species of the Banished be okay with their families and homeworlds being threatened with genocide by a Brute?

If you read the Star Wars High Republic book series you have a faction of space pirates called the Nihil. Their whole thing is fighting the Republic (with some hidden motives from their leader). The reasons are laid out clearly and concisely early on. They see their freedom as being under threat by a large state offering Hope like the Republic in the Outer Rim. So they begin a war to destroy it in order to keep their Freedom and way of life. It’s basically a twisted version of the Rebel Alliance.

But the Banished don’t have any of that. There’s no campaign by the UNSC to destroy the Banished. There’s no Brutes killed by human hands. So it’s bizarre that Esharum gets so worked up about you the Chief and the UNSC when they’re just innocent bystanders. Which just makes them a bunch of Xenos to kill.

It’s like an Ork Warlord taunting a Space Marine from 40k. That’s fine if you want a cartoonish faction like Orks but that’s not what 343 is going for. They want this to be a major faction in the story and have epic personal fights with Escharum and Atriox. You can’t do that if the whole war isnt given any motivation.

Edit: Plus, and yes I get it this might exactly be the point they end up going for. That is a terrible idea. If the Banished weren’t a target before they definitely are now. It would unite the humans and elites against him. Against that sort of force that would just end with the factions destruction and is an act of hubris. However I just don’t think they will do anything to knock the character or faction.

As a wise man once said:

Take it up with 343.

I don’t write this stuff, HW2 was made by 343. People are pretty happy they aren’t forgetting the own factions they created and abandoning them is all.


Yeah, I mean the Encyclopedia is meant to have some stuff on the Banished. I will be back once that comes out.

Hopefully they will address some of the issues and won’t just talk about unit designations and insignia instead. I just appreciate to know why I am being shot at and why I should care. I don’t see what mystery or suspense is to be gained by with holding that information and it only makes the conflict shallow.

It would be easier to accept if this was a brand new faction. But they’re just aren’t. Five years on the clock and counting.

Some cryptic, mysterious reason that we’ll never understand so 343 can use them as a placeholder as bad guys in the campaign as a spiritual reboot of Halo 1.