What emblem are you guys using?

Hey everyone. I’ve made this topic because I’m interested, what emblem are you guys currently rocking? Also because I don’t have a very creative mind, and am looking for new ones. So feel free to comment your emblem - try to include a picture too!

Ducat cat with a cowboy hat plus its pink :3

The Prancer emblem. No specific reason for using it except that I’ve been wearing it for a long time.

Vanguard because it looks clean. Other emblems are nice, but this one suits me the most.

Fireborn because its sick as -Yoink!-. It looks extra good with white and black colors. :3

For now Covenant with red primary purple secondary and black background

When I get the unsc eagle I will use the same color combo.


Auntie Dot.

Hunter prey

Look slightly up.

I’m using Lone Wolf emblem because my friends never play anymore and I mainly run FFA lol.

Suprised not to hear more people are using Auntie Dot - that -Yoink- is overused asf.

Lol just cuz it came as a code in a ROBLOX set I got for X-mas and I thought it was unique. It may make me come off as a n00b or a little kid but I think it’s cool haha

Auntie Dot, or the Prima Emblem

Steaktacular is the only way to go…


cognate I think its called

Halo World Championship. I really love it.

The banana one I forgot the name Banana’s FTW

Buckeyes, because it looks like the cover for Blood Mountain.