What else would you want for the MCC?

I feel like it would be better for them to just straight up make port Halo 5 by itself. Not only do you have all that microtransaction stuff that would probably start getting messy, Halo 5 is another 100 gigs.


Following this most recent update, I’m actually extremely happy with Halo MCC. When it comes to gameplay things, it’s exactly what I want now and I’m so happy to play it. Most of what I would suggest at this point is optional cosmetic related things, there’s few changes I’d request to the gameplay.

  1. When playing campaign coop, let the other players be their multiplayer spartan rather than a clone of Chief. If you prefer playing as Dustin Echoes, just toggle off your campaign customization button. The coop spartans aren’t canon anyway, let people have fun. The same could be done in ODST campaign, let coop players use their firefight character.

  2. Use the H2A Master Chief model as the default for Halo 2 Anniversary multiplayer. Adding more armor pieces in general would be nice, even if they wanna just reuse armor from Halo 3, Halo 4, and Halo Online.

  3. Allow us to customize our Halo 4 techsuit color, like how we can in Halo 3.

  4. On the Halo 3 armor that was added from Halo Online, change the color of the lights to white so it better matches the original Halo 3 armor.

  5. More helmets being crosscore between the games that allow customization, like how Season 8 had the same helmets added to both Halo Reach and Halo 3. I so badly would love to use the grenadier helmet in Halo 2A, Halo 3 and Halo 4.

  6. More visor colors being added to Halo Reach. Halo CE, Halo 3 and Halo 4 have a ton of visor colors, so I think it would be nice to give Halo Reach the same treatment. At least give us Jorge’s visor color, that would be cool.

  7. Add female voice options for Halo CE, Halo 2, and H2A multiplayer, as well as ODST firefight. They could even just use the female voice lines already in Halo 3, Halo 4, and Halo Reach if they’re feeling lazy.

  8. Offer a light body option for female players in Halo 3, like what is available in Halo 4 and Reach. Even giving the light body option the same proportions as Halo 2 would be fine, since Halo 3’s Spartan II’s were more slim than in Halo 3. The argument that female Spartan II’s would look identical to males is silly to me, since Kelly and Linda are Spartan II but still have feminine proportions. Plus it’s a game, let people have fun.

  9. Add more armor from Halo Online. I probably won’t use most of it myself, but I’m sure it would make lots of other people happy.

  10. Add piece by piece customization for Halo Reach elites, like how it is in Halo 3.

  11. Change Halo CEA’s gun models to more accurately represent the correct weapon. They could have taken the model of the M90 shotgun from Halo 3 to represent the M90 in CEA, I never understood why they used Halo Reach’s M45 shotgun for it. There’s multiple examples of this, but the shotgun always stood out the most to me.

  12. Using wall and map textures from Halo 2A to change Halo CEA’s art style to feel closer to Halo CE in general would be nice.

  13. This would definitely never happen, but allow some piece by piece customization for spartan armor in Halo CE and Halo 2.

  14. Add all remaining Halo Online maps to Halo 3. Add all missing Forge World maps to Halo Reach.

  15. Make coop campaign more stable, I’m tired of my xbox crashing all the time while playing coop.

  16. This will likely conflict with my previous suggestion, but add 4 player coop campaign to Halo CE/CEA and Halo 2/2A.

  17. Make all the skulls from Halo 2A campaign available in all the campaigns where appropriate. A new 3rd person perspective skull would be interesting too.

  18. Add campaign matchmaking like from Halo Reach 360. It was a fun way to play coop when you have no friends or wanna meet new people.

  19. Add the Halo Reeach 360 style of file share browser where you could search for maps and modes by name, search by author, sort by top downloaded, etc. Also allow us to save more files locally. Letting us post screenshots to our file share would be really nice too.

  20. The next would probably be pointless and could potentially mess with balancing issues if not done correctly. Add a battle rifle to Halo Reach, add a DMR to Halo 2/2A and 3, add an assault rifle to Halo 2, and add a silenced smg to Halo 2/2A. These would probably never happen, but would be fun to see.

None of these suggestions are required for me to enjoy Halo MCC at this point or would affect the actual gameplay much, but would be wonderful to see. Realistically, I don’t think anything on this list will ever happen. I would love it if some of these things did happen though.

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Bit of a stretch for this as the current iteration of Halo 5 is very much, well, current. Especially compared to all games featured on the MCC which were exclusively several generations out of date.

There’s a chance Halo 5 will be added in some capacity onto PC, but as for the MCC it wouldn’t make sense to add it as there’s no real reason to add it.

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First, I would like to mention that halo 5 was never a part of MCC and therefore wouldn’t be simple to add to it. It’d probably have to be ported as a separate game on steam all together.

As for your question, the things I want more than anything to be added are these two things (technically three?)

1: Add Brutes as playable characters for Halo 3. I expected this back when Bungie first released Halo 3 considering the Elites were added in two, I figured they’d keep moving forward with that but I guess I was wrong lol. Anyways I think it would be a great addition to MCC and would add a lot of new light to the game.
2: add customizations for brutes and multiplayer modes for Halo 3 that add 3 team warfare, Spartans Vs. Elites Vs. Brutes! (this would be a blast!)
3: I think it’s long overdue to have actual customization options for ODST. like come on, the best we get is a splash of color on our chest, some stripes, and voices of characters from the story? this is by far the worst character customization out of the entire series!

These are the biggest wants I have, though I know fully well 343 would never do any of these things. they are far too consumed with their failing Halo infinite, and it’s a shame they don’t give a enough of a damn to push the game people actually care about further ahead. they were complete back in the day, but could you imagine if they kept doing stuff like the Flood update to Firefight? it would be monumental! too bad this is the most we’ll ever get from them.

• Bots

• All Halo 2 maps remade for Halo 2: Anniversary

• Halo 5: Guardians

I could see Halo 5: Guardians happening a few years down the road and perhaps even bots, I doubt I’ll ever get my wish for Halo 2: Anniversary Complete, though.

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Given that I have yet to miss a challenge in MCC, and am currently sitting at 431 season points with everything unlocked, I think we should have the ability to convert season points to EXP with an exchange rate of 500k EXP per point.


Let us use our multiplayer armor in campaign for Halo 3 and 4.

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Big one: A join in progress feature. Quitters tend to ruin games by making them incredibly one sided when it’s 4 v 1or 8 v 3.

YES Dark red visor, more brutal and schism coatings for the missing stuff, I would love black cherry on weapons too (desert gets it close).
Halo 3 skins in ODST.
Halo 2 customization too.
But most of all. Full campaign co-op crossplay. They just did Halo 3 and ODST. This should be just the start. make the full game crossplay! That’s what my friends and I thought because PC kept toting crossplay, until we tried campaign. We learned the hard way they left the campaign out.

The issue with Halo 5 in MCC is that both on the Xbox store, and Windows Store, the game is on its own. You would have to rewrite their whole sections. Also importing the Wazone req packs and stuff. Basically, if you want the mutliplayer system and customization, you would have to rebuild Halo 5 almost from scratch to get it all to fit with MCC. That is too much work to put into a port. This is why Halo Wars 1 and 2 aren’t in MCC either. (Why Halo Wars 2 wasn’t added to Steam though by now, I’ll never know) And adding another game to MCC might break it again too. It was already infamous for engines conflicting. Sure adding Halo 5 to MCC it makes sense on steam, without playing much of Halo 5. In reality, you can’t really integrate it into MCC. It would be conveinent and I would love to see some cross-compatibility, like you buy Halo 5 and it gives you access on MCC. It just isn’t realistic even if it would do better. The only way it would work is to gut multiplayer, warzone, and customization and only do the campaign, or have Halo 5 multiplayer be completely bare bones. No customization, no warzone, no req packs. And this is mainly because of how intrusive the req system is.
Halo 5 Warzone can’t work without it, and that is the only way you can get customization items outside of a few exclusives. If they tried to apply the Halo MCC system, then they have to organize way too many customization items into a single season which will take forever to complete, rebuild warzone without the req system (why would you remake warzone in Halo 5 when you can do that in Infinite?) and re-integrate the PC version of forge into MCC and fix all the issues there. (Yes, there is a Halo 5 Forge on PC. Its in the windows store and works awful) Functionally, Halo 5 can only stand on its own. Why would a studio do all that when Infinite still needs help, when a straight port to PC is monumentally easier?

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  • Dedicated servers for every campaign and game mode.

  • Full crossplay support across every campaign and mode.

  • The Halo 3 campaign in MCC has an issue where certain things don’t spawn. For example: The crashed Pelican in the beginning of The Covenant had a Spartan Laser spawn around the wreckage in the Xbox 360 version of Halo 3. Another example, on The Ark, is a Firebomb Grenade that spawned behind some Covenant crates at the bottom of the right ramp in the room full of camo Brutes right before the Chieftain fight. I imagine there are more spawning issues, but the ones I mentioned are so noticeable because you don’t get to use those weapons very often in the campaign, which makes this problem stand out. I know for certain most people wouldn’t really notice these things, but for those of use who know and love the Xbox 360 campaign like the back of their hand, it would be very nice if 343 got around to it.

  • This might be too much to ask: Forgeable Firefight. Even if we get this in Infinite later down the road, it would still be fantastic in the older games.

  • Pipe dream that Microsoft wouldn’t fund: Forge and Firefight for every Halo game.


Halo 5 is absolutely something I dream of being in MCC. While I’m not sure it’s possible given the memory constraints and how much of a marvel it seems to be that the collection exists in the first place as it does, I really want it to happen. Like you said, H5 can’t survive on it’s own and I don’t think attempting to divide the playerbase between 3 titles (those being Infinite, MCC, and then H5) would be a good idea., especially given H5’s divisiveness. It’s basically a legacy title at this point, and MCC is a collection of legacy titles. I’m really sick of the armchair developers in every post about H5’s potential in MCC and 343 apparently saying “it’s never happening” because that simply isn’t anything they’ve ever said. I don’t want to hear it from them if it is or isn’t possible, I want to hear it from 343 themselves. All 343 has ever said about this, was that Reach pushed the memory limits of the original Xbox One to the limits (believe it or not, they don’t mention H5 in that article), and that around the time of H4’s PC release that there were no current plans to add Halo 5 to the collection. At one point recently with the Nvidia games leak, they reaffirmed that there weren’t any plans. This is all they’ve said. The only way to KNOW whether H5 in MCC is feasible is to pressure 343 in to giving a response about it. It seems like a lot of people want it, but almost always they say something to the effect of “well I don’t know if it can happen or not”, and it leads to a lot of armchair developers in each thread.

While I do want Halo 5 in MCC, and should it be possible in the first place, let me say that many other features and fixes should come first. Fixes like gameplay parity and preservation of legacy to older titles such as the recent graphical fixes to H:CE and H2 Classic. These games should also be given attention in regards to how they originally played, because hit-registration is still off in Halo 2 and H:CE’s sandbox doesn’t work the way it should currently as I understand it. Recently I’ve seen that Reach isn’t at 1:1 parity in terms of lighting with the original. It is fixes like these that should be prioritized if anything as large as H5 is ever to be added to MCC.

Another concern for H5’s inclusion would be how much it could potentially affect other titles in the collection. People bring up the point often that changing one thing in one game can break the “duct-tape” in another game somewhere else. This is why we have flighting.

I can’t stop thinking of all of the potential H5 could have with MCC’s publishing team. We could get expanded armor customization like H2A did. Hell, the armor in Halo 5 supports helmets, visors, shoulders, chest, arms, and legs individually, it was just disabled in the legacy game.

In terms of lighter additions I’m hoping for, visor colors and skins across the games that don’t have them would go a long way for me personally. Additionally, ODST could use support for the gazillion skins that H3 has.

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  1. Halo Reach, Halo CEA, Halo 2A and Halo 4 Co-Op between PC and Console players. (Halo 3 and Halo 3 ODST already got this with the latest update which is great)

  2. Make Halo MCC an Xbox Play Anywhere title (strange it isn’t already since all first party titles purchased through Microsoft store or Xbox store are already Xbox Play Anywhere including the new Halo Infinite)

  3. Controller remapping for all games

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  1. All cut weapons, equipment/abilities, vehicles, maps and effects for the MCC mod tools.
  2. Menu selection tab for modded maps for Campaign, Firefight and Custom Games.

The ability to play as your Halo 3 Spartan or Elite in ODST Firefight shouldn’t be too difficult, right? I prefer playing as an ODST because you get the most out of the survival aspect, but SpartanFight would be an interesting gametype in matchmaking once in a while. Just coming up with ways PvE fans (Such as myself) can see our Spartans and Elites more often.

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There are a million “real reasons” to add it smh

Everyone’s talking about the Grapleshot getting back-ported but nobodys talking about how hard that would be and how much the rest of the community would revolt. And IMO while Halo 5 is still playable at a not-awkward level on the X|S I don’t think that it should be added to the MCC, maybe a PC seperate game instead? But yeah the forge limits are just getting dumb at this point. Let us have more boxes in Halo 3 lol.

All I want is PC splitscreen. It’s been way too long since the features was teased, and in that time my GF has gone from knowing nothing about halo to becoming Lore Invested and we talk about the series so often, yet she doesn’t have the motivation to play it on her own. I just want that split screen experience back, and the fact it isn’t in Infinite either is worrying.


Forgot to mention the last of the Halo Online maps as well, Diamondback and Reactor.

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Adding a 97.5gb current gen playable title that came out 6 years ago to a 43gb collection of titles spanning 11 years as of 10 years ago that are no longer playable in their complete original forms is really not a logistical or logical move.

It’ll also have to be reworked to either ditch/incorporate the REQ pack system, customization reworked to be incorporated into the MCC’s customization menu, hundreds of new profile items, paired with the challenge system, and a whole plethora of menu changes leading to a most likely larger install base.

If H5G came out on 360, I could see the argument for the inclusion making more sense. If this is an argument simply for convenience sake of having all your Halo titles in one place, a 97.5+gb update is a disproportionate quality of life change.

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I’m not trying to gaslight you but it’s always astonishing to me how much some people on the forums don’t want more content. I understand there are logistical issues and the game would have to be reworked. It would also add extra storage considerations for those of us who 'd want to download it to MCC.

So what?