What else would you want for the MCC?

Full disclosure: this is NOT a rant or complaint. I am delighted and pleased to see what the MCC team at 343i has accomplished thus far and what they have on their roadmap for later this year. I am grateful for the work they have done.

I just would like to open the floor to any remaining desires people have that they’d like to see in the MCC.

I only have 3 requests.

• Red visor color for Reach. Jorge has it, and it’s available in CE, 3 and 4. About time Reach got it.

• Toggleable vote menus for custom games with options like “Vote kick player”, “Vote next map/round”, and “Vote scramble teams”. A lot of times, the automatically assigned new host is clueless and won’t fix problems plaguing a match.

• Halo 5 on the MCC. As a PC player, I want to try the multiplayer, which I hear is great, and there is no way Halo 5 can survive on its own. Player count is abysmal and since MCC is basically a launcher for legacy Halo titles, this ensures it will always have players.


Vote features for custom games and team randomizers would be great. However I feel that H5 on the MCC would increase the download size to a crazy point, and i still personally need SR 152 lol. Maybe a full H5 on PC release would be better?

Firstly, the way I see it, splitting up the already small Halo playerbase is a bad idea. If the legacy Halo games were consolidated under one roof, the likelihood of any given title being played, if even for just 1 round, increases. If Halo players were only choosing between MCC and Infinite, it means there will be more plsyers for either.

Secondly, Halo 5 cannot survive on its own. There’s not enough interest in just that experience to warrant people not chosing MCC or Infinite. It’d be better for players who want variety too, as in they can instantly swap between games rather than having to launch a new application and start a new lobby or a brand new match search with a different pool of players.

Lastly, I don’t think the “size” argument is valid. The MCC is a glorified launcher. Players can chose which games to download and which not to. Halo 5 isn’t taking up any less space on a disk being a solo application vs being part of MCC. If someone only wants to play Halo 5, they don’t have to download any of the other titles and vice versa.


The problem isn’t the total file size, but rather the (lack of) memory bandwidth. Contrary to what a lot of people believe, MCC is not a launcher. The Smart Delivery feature makes it seem like it is, but it merely adds modularity to an otherwise singular game. The game currently runs eleven engines in the code tree, already partially exceeding the Xbox One’s capability. Halo MCC has to be able work with the full content size installed. Right now, there’s simply no room left for anything substantial to be added.

I’m sure MS will figure out some cloud based solution though.


Fix Halo 2 coop campaign crashing! I know a ton of people who’s game crashes playing online coop. Happens so often it’s impossible to complete a mission. The campaigns should be working flawlessly this game came out in 2014.


I think it would be nice to see our custom ODSTs be usable for the rookie in Halo 3 ODST’s campaign, as well as having Halo 3 weapon skins be usable in ODST


Original Mark VI in Halo 2 Anniversary multiplayer


I want to see:

  • the H2A Mark VI from campaign replace the current Multiplayer Halo 3 base in new graphics, as well as the Fireteam Raven/CEA Mark V added to Halo 3

  • the unused Stealth Elites from Halo 3 added as a wave option to ODST Firefight,

  • the unused Spec Ops Grunts added as support for the Spec Ops Elites in ODST Firefight

  • Brute Trackers restored in ODST Firefight using the Beam Rifle Brute Sniper AI from Halo 3

  • Reactor and Skybridge added to Halo 3

  • the Gauss Turret from ODST added to Halo 3

  • the DMR from Halo Online added to Halo 3

  • Player Elites in Reach having their Assassinations against NPC ODST’S restored

  • Drones restored to Halo Reach Firefight

  • H2A get the Halo 4 Gravity Hammer and Storm Revenant

  • H2A get the Forge improvements and restorations

  • H2C get the Silenced SMG’s fully restored and the unreleased Blastacular map finished and added.

  • The Hand Fix for Halo 3 Reverted (it made the Gen 1 gloves look like legacy, but broke all the Gen 2 Techsuit hands and new armor)

  • Halo 4 get a form of invasion added (could be a standard Red vs Blue mode, unless they add Reach styled Elite functionality and H2A styled armor selections to Halo 4)

And last but not least: Halo 5 get its own standalone release as it is too big and too different to be added to MCC, but could be sold as a bundle option on Steam alongside MCC with a discount.


I only want to see the missing content from Reach restored:

  • Slayer Pro

  • 4v4 Elite Slayer

  • The remaining Forge World maps (Affinity, Chateau, Eden Minor, Enclosed, Midas, Precipice, Pulse, Renova & Treasury)

  • Also add Tempest back to the Slayer map pool

Don’t care what they do to the other games.


A steady stream of content would be nice, but I’m not sure if 343 could pull off handling 2 games (actually technically 7). Content like maps, modes, and cosmetics (it’s a shame H2A never got a dedicated season).

Also, I’d really love for Map Voting/Veto to return. I love MCC, but I’m getting pretty tired of getting thrown into matches with no say of the map that I want to play.

  • Third person skull for Halo Ce, H2, H3, ODST, H4 and Reach
  • Select menu theme / Soundtrack
  • Settings option to disable the UI (player health, ammo count and radar) while keeping the player firearms
  • Settings option to disable medals in campaign
  • Piece-by-piece customization for elite armor in H2A and Halo Reach (similar to H3 elite customization)

My biggest wish right now is for Campaign Coop Matchmaking and Spartan Ops Matchmaking getting implemented into all the Campaigns for the entire collection (Spartan Ops getting moved to Firefight in todays update is giving me suspicions that we may finally be getting this feature back, including in Halo Reach as well). Spartan Ops needs Medal, Scoring and Time Systems added into the mode to make it viable for matchmaking, including XP support added in.

The Second feature is upgrading CEA and 2A to support 4 player coop to take advantage of Campaign Matchmaking to search for 1 or 3 other players (thereby keeping the campaigns with 2 player (CEA and 2A mainly) as is right now. However with 4 players. (new version), content changes have to happen of course to keep it challenging for 4 players like more additional enemies, weapons, ammo, vehicles, health packs (CEA), etc. for everyone on the 4 player squad. Its possible I think this is going to happen at some point with how things are looking with these campaign related updates. With Crossplay now going to be included most likely for every game in the collection, this is a prelude to Campaign Matchmaking coming I think. There is going to have to be two versions of the same campaign one for the original 2 player experience and one for the 3-4 player experience, some kind of scaling of difficulty with number of enemies would need to happen I think.

My Third Wish is for Halo 2 Classic and Anniversary getting more Armor and Weapon skin support (even vehicle skin support) in multiplayer (and campaign).

My Fourth Wish is more H2A Multiplayer Dev Remake maps getting implemented into MCC.

My Fifth Wish is porting the Halo 3 Spartan Model into ODST Firefight.


I’d like to see all remaining unreleased Halo: Online exclusive maps (Reactor, Diamondback, Sky Bridge) be released into MCC for H3.

I’d also like to see H5 ported over into MCC.


I’ll list my top 10 most wanted features/cosmetics from most wanted to “eh I can wait”:

  • The ability to remove boundaries for Forge and Custom games for every title in the collection

  • Private file limit increase, 50 maps across the 4 games that have Forge is just too darn small

  • The Target Locator to be added to Halo 4’s Forge just like it was to Reach’s

  • Flood for Reach Firefight (screw the timeline, if ODST can have Floodfight then Reach should too lol)

  • H2A to have all the H4 armor ported over to it

  • ODST Multiplayer (this was teased a while back but if it doesn’t happen I won’t be upset)

  • Reach Weapon Skins

  • Grappleshot added as an armor ability for Reach/4 Forge and custom game use (Might as well put it in a FUNCTIONING Halo game that people can actually appreciate it in)

  • Scarab Skull usable in all campaigns

  • For the Season 8 Halo Reach helmets to get the corresponding body armor pieces added


Menu customization and maybe Grappleshot.

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Frankly, I want them to revamp and overhaul the file browser system. As it stands now, its hard to find niche custom games and maps without knowing someone that has the files you need for a custom game night. We have a custom game browser but not a file browser that was anywhere near reach’s search parameters. If mcc were to ever be completed, they need to put togeter a better file share and file browser system


Reach’s FF having ODSTs FF options. like use CE:A models for flood and sentenials.
backpacks for reach, like jorge’s pack and cortana’s canaster
every other game having more visors and admor affects, weapons and vehicle skins, maybe even playable elites if possible
a better que system, akin to tf2, able to que for multiple modes and specific maps agross team count and comp
reach and h2 getting more love
odst having h3’s customization
h5 at least ported to pc…

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Way out there: cross game customization, Halo: Reach Flood Firefight, Halo 2 Firefight, and Halo 3: ODST Multiplayer


-For me, probably the completion of campaign crossplay across all the games.
-Better networking for co-op campaign.
-A steam workshop to make it easier to use mods.
-The ability to turn on/off mods in menu (once the games is loaded with EAC disabled)
-An option to select more specific FPS caps (I’d love to cap out at close to 144 FPS. Call of Duty Cold war had a pretty decent option for that IMO)
-For all of the Halo games to have access to as many of the skulls as possible (as close to H2A as can be)

I’m not sure what else to think of, although I’m sure there are others who may see different areas of improvement, especially in customization. There’s a video I saw recently from why about graphical improvements, primarily for Halo Reach (although I imagine that there should be a check across all the Halo games to make sure the graphics are as close to the originals as possible, while maintaining the higher definition upgrades and FPS.)

-And while it would be nice to have the option for Ray Tracing or DLSS support in MCC IMO, I imagine that it wouldn’t be strictly necessary. Just a thought though.


Still out there: Halo 4 Firefight, Console mods, Halo: CE Firefight, Halo: CE Elite Customization, Halo 2: Aniversery elite customization fix, Halo 4 Elite Customization, new weapons/equiptment across the bourd, Custom Skulls for campaign, and new maps for every Halo game.

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