What does 'we're learning & listening' mean?

That’s what I would ask 343 if I could interview them.

Frustratingly we won’t really know what 343 means by ‘learning’ from Halo 4 mistakes and ‘listening’ to the vocal community until E3. When the details of matchmaking pour in, it’ll be clearer what’s meant by their Halo 5 announcement.

I understand why they’ve been reticent to reveal specifics, but when I hear ‘we’re listening’ all I think is:

Does that mean you’ll bring back ranked playlists?

And I suspect I won’t get an answer for a very long time. Developers tend to be needlessly vague, or tactically vague to avoid aggravating buyers with details that upset them.

And I want to believe they have leaned/listened, but it’s so frustrating to not know who exactly they’re listening to because the community is so diverse, and even though Halo 4’s population speaks for itself (not resonating with Halo’s core fanbase or gamers in general) it still sold so well that they might deem it a success and keep moving in an alienating direction. And it’s impossible to know if they would even be permitted to return to a more evolved version of traditional Halo without loadouts and with competitive playlists. Sadly COD has changed everything, and it’s hard to believe Microsoft would permit a return to Halo basics, regardless of the sect of the community that’s been alienated. They might want ‘new’ users more than us - as illogical and impossible as that is.

I’m just so cautious with placing faith, because I’ve done so before and in the end it seems like only trends and the initial sale matters.

I just hope, after the big reveals, 343 is as transparent as possible, making it clear what their choices are (even about specifics like if an SR will be visible) and why they are doing whatever it is they’re doing. But I can’t help but think that likely won’t happen.

Sadly I might just have to accept that my best Halo days are behind me.

Sorry for the negativity. I’m just very disbelieving at this point.

Hey, at least you managed to be respectful while expressing your frustration :slight_smile:

I do hope Halo 5 will end up being the Halo many of us want, though there’s always gonna be something someone’s going to pick about, no matter how great it ends up being.

"Listening" certainly does not translate into “they’re bringing back ranked playlists” or “they’re making Halo competitive again” or “they’re getting rid of default sprint”. It doesn’t mean anything specific like that.
What it means is that 343, like almost every game developer and some publishers, have staff that deal specifically with the community. That staff go onto the forums and other message boards and community sites and read what people are saying. Those community staff then report on what they read to the rest of the team at meetings and whatnot, and then there’s a discussion on whatever is brought up. Whether that’s matchmaking settings, features, mechanics, etc…
It doesn’t mean that all of the community’s wishes will come true. It means that ideas are plucked and if they fit in the game and work, then they work. If they don’t, they get thrown out. Most of development is purely what the team itself comes up with.

> Listening does not mean doing what they are told.

Glad someone said it.

Find a hobby until we get more info. There’s nothing to be gained with this.

I doubt they’re going to scrap infinity setting completely. I think 343 will try to keep some infinity settings but try to make it as competitive as possible because I’ve heard that they’ve been working with a lot of MLG pros. Fingers crossed that there’ll be a beta which will iron out all the creases in the game before its release

They learned what went went wrong with H4 or just trying to get more people to buy it.
Or both.

I hope they really mean that they have listened and learned so they can get more people back.

At the end of the day, 343 makes the choice if they listen or not. They’re the developers and we’re just people who play the game so they’ll make the game how they want.

It is hard for me to say it without sounding like a -Yoink- and insulting 343, but a lot of devs have this chip on their shoulder where they think just because they make the game that they know best.

I watched an interview with the guy who does the story for AC 4 I think, and the interviewer started talking about fan suggestions and the guy basically said, ‘yea, I read what they say and some of it is cool, but I am the writer so I know best.’

The funny thing you ask? I had already beaten AC 4 by that point and thought the fan suggestions were way more interesting and a lot better than the writer’s story.

Yes we see these forum posts that say “HALO 5 NEEDS FIREFIGHT” and others and those can probably be disregarded, but think about how unbalanced the DMR and Boltshot were at first. Remember how many fans talked about how they ruined map flow and the game. Remember when 343 finally got around and listened to us and fixed it and Halo 4 became like 50 times more fun because every game didn’t turn into team DMRs and boltshots?

I’m not saying 343 needs to listen or consider everything, but a lot of solid ideas have come out on these forums and for 343 to ignore these ideas is bad for the dev-fan relationship.

I remember Bungie people would just pop in on the forums occasionally and give reasons why certain things happened and why they didn’t do point B instead of Point A and it really showed they cared. I only saw 343 do it like once and it was after the community had been calling them out on it for like a month and a half and even so I only saw BS Angel and Frankie and then that stopped real quick.

Developers do not listen to suggestions; they listen to feedback. Feedback is just a problem, like “DMR is OP” or “loadouts aren’t fun.” Suggestions are solutions to those problems, like “DMR needs a nerf” or “restrict loadout options.”

So when 343i says that they’re “listening,” what they mean is that they’ve heard our feedback. It does not necessarily mean that they will implement our suggestions.

It means “here are some meaningless buzzwords, please buy our product”. Every communication by 343 at this point has been carefully designed by a PR/marketing team working to appeal to the consumer base. That’s just how capitalism works.