What Does the Pointer of the AR do?

Now I might sound like a derp for asking such a question like this, but What does the Assault Rifle sight arrow do?

It points up, down, left, right, or diagonally mostly.

Points north or to a moon as a form of navigation. “Threshold” apparantly.

It’s just an asthetic thing. It serves no really purpose

It’s a compass.

It’s meant to be a compass, but it really doesn’t do much in game. It would be flat-out useless on a Halo ring as well.

It is supposed to be a compass.

what is it good for? Absolutely nothing aha yeah… Wah who yeah what is it good for… Sorry I just heard the song of “war” in my mind.

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> It’s a compass.

Is a compass. I remember using it for some custom game in Halo 3 when I kept getting lost in a labrynth or something.

I wondered the same thing , a compass interesting.

As people have mentioned before, its a compass. Mostly its just there to look cool though, since obviously there’s no real north/south whatever in an Arena map.
Course if, say, you were part of a Spartan fireteam deployed somewhere and command said “start marching north”, well then you’d need to know which way north was…

Like everyone has said, it is a compass. Not a very consistent one, but it is a compass nonetheless.

This might be off topic but its in topic.

my 3D print spartan has that black thing missing and it looks really bad :frowning: