What Does the Community Think About AR vs BR starts?

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I’m sure this is the most common topic every single time a new halo comes out, but I just wanted to see in poll form what people think about this topic. I’m personally pro BR starts across the board, I’ve never enjoyed AR starts. But I understand that a lot of people do like that sort of thing.

Good for my KD, bad for my fun. Honestly if they made BR starts the norm I’d probably just drop the game lol


Nerf the range and headshot multiplier on the AR and add a Magnum, and then give me AR/Magnum starts in every playlist. Thank you.

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A magnum like H5 or which kind? The Mangler is basically a traditional Halo magnum in functionality

Yeah. I’m talkin’ Halo 5 Magnum here. I’ll even take a Reach Magnum as a consolation prize.

I think the mangler fires too slowly and has pretty limited range. It’s a more specific weapon than I’d like the Magnum to be, ideally.

I like the rate of fire, it’s not spammable like the sidekick. Every shot matters, but it does high damage per shot. It’s probably my favorite gun in the game. It’s got more effective range than the AR at least

AR bridges the skill gap so keeps the low skill players engaged in the current Quick Play and BTB playlists. Being mowed down by the AR time and time again is getting boring very quickly…it’s such a cheap low skilled weapon that takes any kind of skill out of the game in it’s current state. I don’t know if the AR damage and range is intended to be this OP, but it does need a damage and range nerf asap.

They already nerfed it, to be fair. The sidekick overpowers it in all the games I play, the only people getting AR kills are doing it as cleanups or something

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Have they? I only started playing a few days ago so when did they nerf the AR?

Sometime recently, not sure about when exactly. It takes one more headshot or 3 more body shots to kill now.

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The Sidekick is super spam-able and exploitable. We need a pistol that’s more well-rounded and accessible. I don’t think the solution is to make Social a walled AR garden (with a weird broken Sidekick) and ranked a walled garden with the BR. Replacing the Sidekick with something more versatile will help everyone, even casual players.


Agree 100%. But even then I’m not against the sidekick as a weapon, just at how annoyingly easy it rewards people for spamming it rather than aiming

As someone who basically avoids Ranked play like the Flood, the AR is just way too good and I don’t enjoy it. Part of this could be because I stink at shooters, but the AR has no right to be this good for Quick Play.

EDIT: It’s too good at killing. A good time-to-kill does not a good gun make.

Why would you avoid the flood? It’s alright, they’re safe. Why not join?

I despise BR starts. People are already complaining that weapons aren’t viable because the AR is powerful.
You start everyone off with the most dependable weapon in the game, nobody is going to be looking around for anything else.

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The AR and Sidekick dominating everything makes almost the entire rest of the sandbox pointless though. About the only thing people pick up is the BR lol

With BR starts, as it is in ranked, many weapons are viable because they circumstantially beat the BR. The Bulldog is actually worth using in ranked, but it’s useless in social because the Sidekick melts it and the AR does the same job but easier. That’s my experience anyway

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I hate AR starts. I vote for BR starts across the board, or at least give us weapon loadouts again (ala Halo 4). Once a team gets control of the power weapons, it’s very difficult to come back when all you have is an AR – might was well quit the game, you’ve lost.


I don’t like just BR starts cause they make the AR feel like a weapon that just shouldn’t exist. The BR is, if you use it well, ultimately better. I personally liked in MCC how they made it so you could select either one and play the way you want

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The AR is a power weapon compared to the BR currently


This would be good: Arena 4vs4 and BTB, AR and BR start playlist, like in MCC.