What does the community really want?

Hey everyone,

This might get a few flamers but we shall see. Halo 5 had a huge, I mean huge group of people pumped to play it. They had so much hype going for it. Disregarding the campaign, because the campaigns are great regardless of multiplayer, lets talk matchmaking. The issue 343i has had with this is not that they don’t have great ideas, they just aren’t implementing it. Imagine for a second, Halo 3, a game with a massive fan base that lasted years and years, is still liked more than all games after it overall. If 343i delivered a game, same engine as Halo 3, with slightly updated graphics and features, it would be a hit. Still implement your thruster, spartan charge, etc to evolve the game, but keep the core mechanics of what people liked. Half the battle with this is the feel of the game, and I personally feel along with many others that the Halo 3 engine felt the best. If many of you have not heard or seen, there is a game being tested in Russia called Halo Online. It’s Halo 3 updated with a bunch of bells and whistles. Many people have mentioned and said give us that instead of Halo 5. The sad thing is, 343i needs to realize what is really hurting them, and it’s the feel of the game, not the mechanics. It’s right in front of em, and they need to see it. They had something good, and they turned to far away, and need to come back. I want to play hours on end and not get bored, like in the H2 and H3 matchmaking days.