What does Halo 4 needs?

  1. What does forge needs?

  2. Have you seen any glitches in any maps?

  3. What do you think about the 8gb that you need to have?

  4. What kind of forge enviroment (this includes size, climate, usable parts and every other aspect that you can think of) should be added?

  5. Do you want the falcon back, do you want any other vehicle?

  6. Do you have any comments about any weapon, is the DMR overpowered?

  7. Do you want race back?

  8. Do you want insane gametype back?

  9. What does matchmaking needs, do you want SWAT to be permanent?

  10. What kind of updates should the maps have?

  11. Do you think that Flood needs to be more customisable?

  12. Would you like to see any forerunner vehicles, do you want the Halo 3 choper back?

  13. What gametypes should 343 add to the game?

  14. Would you like to be able to change the size of the gravity volumes?

  15. Do you want 343 to add extraction and grifball to matchmaking, would you like to have more grifball maps?

  16. What kind of classified codes would you like to see?

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A good connection search. Everything else can go -Yoink- itself, I don’t care. I just don’t ever want to play with Euro’s or americlaps again.

Yeah you’re right

Community: Fix. Up. EVERYTHING.
343: What things?
Community: EVERYTHING!!!