What does "core Halo title" mean to you?

I used this expression on a gamefaqs thread, and the thread turned into arguing about the semantics of the word “core” and which Halo titles qualify as core titles. I’m curious as to what the majority of the community thinks of as the “core Halo titles.”

Halo 3. :slight_smile: perfect except for the abused ranking system.

> Halo 3. :slight_smile: perfect except for the abused ranking system.

the zinger!

Master Chef, that is all. Everything else is just extra, MP, FF, spops, forge, theatre. The game was developed as a campaign, evolved into what is today, so “core” is campaign.

Halo 3, ODST and Halo wars.

yes halo wars felt more halo than reach.

> Halo 3, ODST and Halo wars.
> yes halo wars felt more halo than reach.


I’d have to say Reach was as far off from a halo as it could get. I was hoping that 343 would see reach for the cluster -Bam!- of ideas that it was and take only what was good from it and build off of H3. Instead we got basically everything from reach, the good , bad, but luckily not the ugly.

The original trilogy was more in line with “core” halo. I’d prefer Halo return to that.

There was nothing wrong with Halo Reach and above that you could return the core aspect of Halo in Reach to what it was but you just didnt have Equipment, though a lot of people didnt bother with them. Reach had more potenial in it and allowed players to experience both sides if they chose to. If you wanted the core you could set up the game like so but if you wanted what Reach gave use ( AA ) you could. So overall Halo Reach wasnt as bad as you ignorant people state it was. Bungie introduced new things and allowed players to experience the new things they added and if they didnt like it they allowed them (players) to cusomtize the settings to where you could return to waht the core was. Just because you didnt have the BR and Brute weapons and vehicles (wish it did though) doesnt make it a bad game at all, even though it was a rushed project.

1, 2, 3, and 4. While the universe isn’t just Master Chief, that’s what it was built on, and that’s the “core” to me. I’m not talking about quality or gameplay, just the story.

I guess there is a lot of variation on how people think about the phrase “core title.” I know there haven’t been a lot of votes, but what we have so far is pretty split. I understand the expression to mean a true new entry into the franchise, with both a campaign and multiplayer component. So that would be 1, 2, 3, Reach, and 4.

I will admit that i never played the first 2 halos, but i have only played the Halo Reach demo and Halo 3, and i feel like they both are better than halo 4. I have only read about everyone’s complaints about reach, but i had a lot of fun in the demo. Overcoming the dmr a close range by strafing and jumping while pacing my shots, getting a killing frenzy out strafing someone with an assault rifle and putting those 5 magnum bullets in the head… soooo awesome.

Halo 3 would have been a lot better for me if wouldn’t have gotten a good connection 4 years after getting it and if i would have had money for all the maps. I was limited to only a few playlists, and i regret giving it away.

That being said, i regretted getting halo 4 as the months went by. It did not seem like things were easy for everyone, but i think it only felt like that because some people never played halo before and just had to get used to the aim. It seems like the main thing i noticed was that Reach and Halo 3 had less aim assist. The difficulty in getting a perfect shot means that only those who can really aim will achieve that exact kiltime and if that was the case in halo 4, then people would actually earn their kills.

For the Halo multiplayer, all main Halo games feel core to me. Unless we’re talking matchmaking standard settings; then Reach and Halo 4 fall off that list.
For campaign all the Halo games are core to me, despite Reach’s terrible storyline and some of my issues with Halo 4.

The ones where I shoot little Aliens are the core Halo games for me!

All Halo 3 weapons/vehicles plus new additions just to make things interesting. On a side note i’d also like to see classic Halo music recomposed with new themes to suit the trilogy. While Neil Davidge and his team did an outstanding job with the current OST, it really would have made it all the more Halo-ish with some Marty O’ Donnell tracks collaborated with the new music just to give that final epic touch! I think Halo 5 will be centred more around the Halo rings again now that Requiem is gone, so hopefully old Halo music will return to make it all the more suitable.

Okay guys hear me out on this mega post:

Playlist ideas:
MLG (bare bones halo 4v4)
Free for All(Infinity gametypes with no personal ordinance)
Team Slayer(6v6 outright slayer with no personal ordinance loadouts are okay, but not in every game classic variants should be here)
Big Team Battle (8v8 objectives, some classic variants, slayer, loadouts but no personal ordinance)
Invasion(similar to rush on bf3 for scale, but instead you only have to take one objective like Reach loadouts are fine no personal ordinance though)
Big Team Dominion(14 v 14, 3 to 5 bases, personal loadouts, no personal ordinance, vehicle combat awesomeness)
Coop Campaign
Coop Firefight
Coop SpOps

Class based system with standard start weapons

Forge Revamp:
Winter Style Map
Forerunner Style Map
Space Map(Impact that’s not separated rocks)
Desert Map like Quarry in Spartan Ops

Both Nade launchers
SMG variants

Needle Rifle
Plasma Rifle Variants(Storm, Repeater etc)
Plasma Pistol
Plasma Nades
Sticky Launcher
Fuel Rods
Spike Rifle
Brute Shot and Concussion Rifle

All Forerunner weapons now


I want variety of choice, large maps and a dual perspective campaign like Halo 2, while also leaving a few playlists for those who don’t like my multiplayer preference like Arena or MLG.


Halo is:

Shield system
Master Chief and Cortana
Weapon pick ups
Iconic Weapons
Competitive Gameplay (what this is, is arguable to many sides and points)
Crazy game modes

That’s Halo, at least to me. So only Wars really hasn’t hit that point, but it’s a totally different beast and can’t be compared to the FPS games as it’s an RTS. It’d be like comparing a cat to an elephant.

IMO, the “Core” Halo titles have absolutely nothing to do with Multiplayer, Forge, Customs, Weapons or even Enemies. The “Core” Halo titles are the ones with Master Chief and Cortana in them. Without them, Halo is just not the same. I mean, all the Halos are awesome, but Halo 1, Halo 2, Halo 3 and Halo 4 are perfect examples of “Core” Halo titles because they are the only Halos that have Master Cheif and Cortana. The other Halos felt more like side stories and didn’t really have that feeling of playing as the most powerful soldier, along with his intelligent AI partner, in the UNSC.

Any Halo where you play as Master Chief. All others are ancillary. Doesn’t mean they’re not good, in fact ODST is one of my favourites in the series. But Halo = Master Chief, for me at least.

As far as game play it’d be Halo: CE, Halo 2, Halo 3. As far as just the storyline goes it’d be everything but Halo Wars and Halo 4. I understand the change in direction of gameplay, but if you’re gonna make it more mortal and realistic war like you need to choose a story that fits it. This is something I think Reach and ODST did well. They made the gameplay and story more focused on the common war experience and it made for a good game. The Halos, besides 4, focused on a superhuman story and it played like one. If you get what I’m saying.