What do you want to see in H:6 campaign?

From H:5, the created are the main adversary, or so it seems. So, what do you expect in H:6’s story to happen…
I have certain things that I would love to see in the coming game!

  1. Didact: I don’t think he will take the Mantle being passed onto or claimed by the creators lightly. Maybe, side with humans against created and then turn on humans?

  2. Cortana: More explanation on the motivations of Cortana. Obviously, she has been through hell with Chief and perfectly understands Human value freedom. To suddenly do an 180, was slightly unexpected. Hope, they offer her insights and motivations better in H:6.

  3. Chief: The story should be revolved around Chief! Not Osiris!

  4. Halsey coming face to face with Cortana!

Share your thoughts and ideas or the direction, you think, the story might steer towards in the coming game.

What do I want to see in the Halo 6 campaign? The Brutes. Specifically, the comically stupid Brutes from Halo Reach. And also Chips Dubbo.

More Arbiter. More Elites.