What do you want to be added in Infinite?

For me I would like to have dual wield weapons again

I think this game has everything I wanted so far, don’t care much about dual wielding but it would be a nice addition even if it is underpowered

H2 style stick launching

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> For me I would like to have dual wield weapons again

Duel wield, Elites, the old style weapons such as the magnum normal shotgun,
But I must say if this stuff doesn’t fit into the sandbox of halo infinite mp then I’m fine with this stuff in forge (which I’m also every excited about)

But the stuff in the game looks good, alot of the new things are what I want to try out so there probably won’t be an instant want for something new to add to the game

Edit: I say I want old style stuff but that doesn’t mean I don’t like the new stuff. The new stuff looks awesome

Some older and more obscure/forgotten vehicles like the cobra or hawk or maybe even the mega bloks oni siege bike from a few years ago make it just a single seater gungoose with light machine guns instead of the nade launchers
as in shadows of reach they did say that they’ve gone back to ushering rudimentary ai and less advanced gear because cortana could be listening in

> 2533274908985751;1:
> For me I would like to have dual wield weapons again

DW is confirmed to be absent from H:I.

Its not so much things I want added, as things I want taken away.
The removal of spartan charge and ground pound are fantastic starts

Advanced movement should be toned down. Ledge grappling and a well-tuned sprint can stay. A higher amount of customization should be added not just for armor and weapons. Assassinations for example should be changeable.

Over time in updates id like to see;

  • A classic campaign that plays like older halo with a new sandbox. - Red team. - Dual wield. - Playable brutes. - Playable elites. - MA5K. - SPI armour. - Keepers. - Roams alone style life worker huragok. - Locust. - Gorgon. - Jack rabbit. - Spartan III’s thom, Lucy a few gammas. - Emile. - Osiris and alpha nine. - Blue team(still hope they are a surprise for coop at launch.) - Arbiter. - Silent shadows. - Covie energy weapon chargers. Like the health system in marathon. - A grunt mule with said charger on their back. - A grunt medic. - RvB AI fragments. - Legacy magnum, h5g pistol, DMR, shotgun, GL, sticky det, etc. - Prelates. - Playable prelates. - Elephants, scarabs, mammoths and krakens. - Spartan ops season 2. - Firefight classic. - Odsts (playable and AI) can be called in via target designator. - Seat swapping if its not in already. - Classic equipment. - Water, boats and slow underwater Spartan gameplay. - Bounce pads. - Super hunters. - Exo atmospheric propulsion rigs. - The assembly and intrepid eye. - The didact. - Space combat. - Dominion. - All prior enemy types. - Campaign forge, nothing major just a basic level editor even just to mix up spawns and weapons on existing levels. - Machinema support. - Streaming support. - Break out. - A portal pickup. - Prophet chairs. - Campaign/coop ordinance drops.Basically I want infinite to be the culmination of the franchise at large and deliver on 343is past attempts to bring the mainline games and EU together as one cohesive experience ending the arcs that have been ongoing since the lead up to halo 4. While also being the definitive halo experience for both fans new and old, hard-core and casual.
    I think all of this is doable in a ten year long service game.
    Not only doable I believe they can do it well and give the narrative beats the time and attention they deserve.
    I look forward to launch and where it goes from there.

SMOK69KMK at launch. It be sort of strange to ask for a feature to be added post launch that was already confirmed to be in the game would it not?
On the addition of dual wield id love for it to reduce ammo reserves and reward accuracy over nerfing weapons and additionally having unique combos.
For example imagine if reloading an over heated plasma rifle in your offhand and hitting melee with a spiker in your primary hand with correct timing super heated the baronet. Making it an energy sword without lunge for a short period. I think dual wield treated as a way to add utilities create temporary role changes in the sandbox would make for an interesting addition to the sandbox over time.