What do you want to be able to forge in Halo4?

So everyone, What items (meaning ANYTHING) would you wan’t in Halo4 Forge?

Me you ask? I would wan’t the Red v.s Blue soda machines from Halo2’s Turf.

I want to Forge the RMS Titanic.

giant pies

Signs: Stop
Traffic light
Moving train
Soda machines from reflection.
Total Wipeouts big red balls.
Rotating platform.

Anything and everything. Forge 3.0 needs to blow us away.

Hmm, I want to be able to place a pelican/phantom to either fly around freely or for machinimas; especially.

How about a system similar to Trials HD, where we can make immensly complex moving objects. That would so cool to impliment into a FPS.

working doors that u can open and close, seats you can sit in, all vehicles from halo 1, 2, 3, reach and halo wars. Boats would also be nice. spawn dead and alive team mates like marines and odsts and a.i. drop offs and set were they drop off at. destroyed vehicles. Covenant buildings. ability to play as all covenant for machinima’s. destroyable pieces. video cameras that can be attached to a tv. and give a.i. team-mates commands such as : defend or attack.
pelicans and phantoms need to be able to drive and drop off team-mates. falcon seats available at all times. do something like a lag meter not money that way u will be able to pass it but you will have more lag if you do pass the lag meter. be able to hold 4 weapons two side weapons and two main weapons. and be able to put them away. arms behind back when still, arms at side when walking and arms back and forth when sprinting. sprint should also be something you have all the time not an armor ability.