What Do You Want In The Title Update (Speak And Let 343 Know What We Want)

Bug/Glitch Fixes? Improved Spawn system? Enhanced Online Security? Updated Maps/gametypes/Variants? Tweaked Weapons/AA’s/Vehicles? Upgraded Graphics/Audio? More Challenges/Ranks/Commendations? New Armor/Weapons/Vehicles? Tweaked Settings (Walking Speed,Jump Height, Gravity,Etc.)? Nerfed OR Buffed Grenades/Etc.? More Custom Game Options?..


I want a central repository for all of the updated gametypes and map variants. Something similar to what MLG does would be fine. It is very annoying to waste considerable time in MM to get and save these.

We play a “lot” of Customs and the gametypes/maps on the disk are slighly broken and certainly not up to date.

Fix that little camping spot on Sword Base! Oh my god! I don’t care what people say, it ruins the game. Infection sucks on Sword Base because of that little ledge in the back you can sprint gravity lift to. Add a kill boundary plz! Uncaged should be less common, it wasn’t that great! No shotgun! COME ON! Also, put a kill boundary on the flag poll thing on Boardwalk, that’s like a camping hot spot, once again ruining Infection. Finally, put the Needler back in Elite Slayer for the Armor Lock class and give us 2 plasma grenades again!

I want the infection betrayal glitch fixed, DMR’s should be less effective on vehicles, the glitch where you die while assassinating someone, and the glitch that makes the juggernaut always have hammer fixed.

As for the Elite Slayer thing, I’m pretty sure Bungie is in charge of that and it was a lot worse when it was how you suggest it should be.

I’d like to see two patches/title updates. The first would consist of immediate fixes:
Fixes to glitches, bugs, it would heavily nerf/remove Armor Lock, and it would fix the DMR bloom.

The second would be much more complicated:
-Increase kill times of all default weapons, so that DMR and Magnum are 4 shots (leave power weapon times alone)
-Decrease Banshee Bomb’s radius and power, and also tie Banshee Acrobatics to it’s boost bar
-Change Plasma Weapons back to Beta forms
-Change Magnum back to beta form, and make it so its shots fire in the dead center of the reticule (same for DMR and Needle Rifle)
-Reduce Rockets blast radius and damage
-Beta-Plasma Launcher with a bit less aim assist
-Run speed increased to Halo 2 level
-Jump speed increased to Halo 1 or 2 level
-Sprint and Evade combined into 1 AA, so that when you hold down the button you sprint, but when it is tapped you Evade. Evade also stops when you hit the fire button
-Maybe add a few more balanced AA’s
-Removed Sword Block, make the Sword come out quicker when you switch to it, increase the lunge length, and make slash times quicker. It’s supposed to be a weapon for assassins – sleek, -Yoink!-, and fast. Currently it really doesn’t have a role in the close range sandbox. As is, Shotty is range, Hammer is power, Sword should be precision
-Give Frag Grenades Halo 1 fuses and make them more powerful
-Make Vehicles (especially light vehicles) tougher. Make DMRs and Sniper do less damage except to maybe a few areas
-Add multiple custom options, including: individual weapon customization, toggle bloom, toggle fall damage, toggle regenerating health without health packs, grenade fuse time, damage, and blast radius
-Melee reduced to 75% damage, but with Halo 2 melee system
-Reticule must be on opposing player for melee to hit
-No more bleed through

And that’s about it