What Do You Want In Halo 5: Guardians?

What would you like to see in Halo 5: Guardians? New Vehicles, Bigger Maps, New Forge Objects, New Features or Something Else? Share your ideas.

A classic playlist.

The classic gameplay formula.

Bigger maps, like in Halo 3, as well as more forge objects.

I’d like to see Arbiter play a large role. He is one of my favorite characters in the franchise.

and open and big and interactive campaign sort of like wake up john were you could find a lot of info about chief and other things

i kind of want a open wordlish mode where after the campaign you can hunt enemies down and stuff

Be able to play as the Arbiter again or at least have him involved in the story, Forge World, bring back firefight, be able to create firefight maps or alter existing ones, have flood and promethean firefight, bring back Invasion from halo reach, improved infection game mode like taking off shields on the flood and bringing back custom colors for your spartan, UNSC flying vehicle, the list goes on…

I want something new and different, if you want something “classic” go play MCC

I would definitely like to see more weapons, bigger maps, new vheicles, and a new gameplay formula. That most players if not everyone will enjoy and that will keep on improving in the years to come.

A return to true Halo.

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> A return to true Halo.

I think we will get that.

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> I’d like to see Arbiter play a large role. He is one of my favorite characters in the franchise.

343i did say that Agent Locke would be that primary character but I hope we get to switch between the 3 characters similar to Halo 2.

Bring back Solitary (Prison) to MP. Also better flood models for infection. And playable Elites.

A spec mode( not the twitch/ halo channel spec mode but an in-game spec mode), smaller maps, new and fun gametypes ( like invasion), classification of playlists between social and ranked, a strong ranking system, return of an innovative firefight, theater for all lobbies , etc. OMG i could go on for days!

  • Master Chief- Arbiter- Master Chief- Arbiter- A awesome story- Master Chief- Arbiter

I want a new way of customizing stuff. It would be cool to make your very own and unique emblem with an emblem creator. I would also like to see like different attachments/variations of each armor piece. I’d also like to see maybe like different banners/backgrounds you can choose from for doing specific challenges to have in the background when your viewing you and others stats.

I want a new armors and maps more big, For the whole rest, it is all right

I want the campaign to span over several different worlds with different environments, like traveling to different planets and Halo rings. Scrap the prometheans and give us a new more exciting enemy. Maybe even introduce a human enemy faction. I would also like the forerunner architecture to return to the Halo 3 style, having more elements of stone and glass instead of the all metal Halo 4 style. Make it look ancient and abandoned for millennia like it should be.

New crazier Forge objects!