What Do You Want In Forge?

I’m just curious what people want to see in future updates of Halo 5 and Halo 6 it you want to talk about that too I guess.
One thing I want to see in forge is grates. There’s no good efficient way to make them with other blocks and I think they would be really useful.
Of course we don’t know what is going to be added in the next update except for a few things so feel free to just say any thoughts you have in new forge stuff.

(I’m not asking just about forge objects you can talk about other forge features too)

I still want the Falcon as a static prop.

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> I still want the Falcon as a static prop.

I want…

Dum dum daaaa!But a static falcon would be awesome

AI scripting for infantry and vehicles of all factions.

I want the prop palette expanded by an order of magnitude, but what I really really really want is an enemy AI palette so I can forge my own firefight maps.